VUDU is a popular media streaming service with the best collection of movies and TV shows for Roku users. The users of VUDU have come across certain errors on the app while streaming their favorite movies and shows. The following section has the possible causes and fixes for VUDU not working on Roku.

VUDU Not Working on Roku: Causes

Users of VUDU on Roku might face minor issues with the service. These issues include buffering of the app or freezing. Also, the users may be unable to play certain titles on the service. The possible causes for the issues on VUDU are the following.

  • The server of VUDU is down for maintenance or other issues
  • The internet connection is slow and unstable
  • Roku software needs an update
  • The VUDU app on the device needs an update

VUDU Not Working on Roku: Fixes

Roku users have reported issues with the VUDU app from time to time. The reasons for the issues are not always the same. So, the compilation of troubleshooting tips will help users fix any kind of error in the app.

VUDU App Will Not Load

Just like any other media streaming app, VUDU has some streaming issues. For instance, some users come across a buffering screen. It could also be possible that the title will not load from the start.


  • Weak internet connection
  • Issues with the VUDU server


If the content from the VUDU app is not loading, users can fix it easily with these measures.

1. Check the Internet Connection

If the internet is slow, the users might find it hard to stream any app on the device. In that case, restart your Wi-Fi router or connect your Roku to a different Wi-Fi network. Also, using an Ethernet cable can help you get the best out of your internet. Users might have to contact their Internet Service Provider if the internet is slow, no matter what.

2. Check for VUDU server issues

If the VUDU servers are down for maintenance or other reasons, users might not be able to stream the app on any device. To check for server issues, use a website like Downdetector. The server issues can be fixed by the service within some time.

Check for VUDU server issues if it is not working on Roku

VUDU App Showing Blank Screen

The users have reported that the content from the VUDU app stops playing. Also, they will have come across a blank screen.


  • Server issues
  • Issues with internet
  • Bugs in the device


If the VUDU app is not working and is returning a blank screen, make sure to fix it.

1. Close The App

If the VUDU app stops working suddenly while streaming, users need to close the app on their Roku devices. After closing the app, users can open it after a few minutes. Check if the app shows errors even after opening it on the device.

2. Reinstall the App

Users need to uninstall the VUDU app if the issues on the app don’t stop. After uninstalling the app, they can install it back on the device.

1. Grab your Roku remote and press the Home button to get the Roku home screen.

2. From the home screen, highlight the VUDU app.

3. Press the Asterisk (*) button on your Roku remote.

4. From the Channel menu, select the Remove Channel option.

5. Select the Remove button and confirm the process.

6. Further, reinstall the app: Go to Roku home >> Add Channels >> select VUDU >> Add Channel >> Enter Roku PIN > Add Channel.

The App Fails To Open

Roku users might find a difficult to open the VUDU app. However, this issue may not occur very frequently on the device.


  • VUDU needs to be updated
  • Pending Roku software updates


At times Vudu fails to open for a simple reason. If it fails to open, you may have to carry out the below fixes.

1. Update Roku

Users might have an outdated version of Roku. So, they should update Roku when the app is not working.

1. Open the Roku Settings menu from the Roku home screen.

2. From the home screen, select the System option.

3. Select the System Update option in the menu.

4. Select the Check Now option followed by the Update Now button.

Update Roku if VUDU not working on Roku

5. Finally, users have updated their Roku devices.

2. Update the VUDU App

1. On your Roku device, go to the Apps section.

2. From the list of apps, highlight and choose the VUDU app.

3. On your Roku remote, press the Asterisk (*) button.

4. Select the option Check for Update from the popup menu.

Select Check for Updates if VUDU not working on Roku

5. The VUDU program will automatically update if the Roku device discovers a VUDU update.

7. After the Roku update, open the VUDU app to start using it.

3. Reset System Network Connection

Resetting System Network Connection on Roku is the next solution because it might resolve the problem. Users can also use the fix to solve the Roku device’s connectivity problems.

1. From the Roku home screen, open the Settings menu.

2. Click on the Advanced System Settings option in the Settings menu.

3. Next, select the Network connection reset option.

4. Finally, select the Reset Connection option.

Select Reset Connection

Corrupted Cache on Roku

The corrupted cache on a Roku will cause many streaming issues in the device. At the same time, it will affect the performance of VUDU greatly.


  • Over usage of VUDU
  • Temporary glitches in the device


If you have some corrupted cache on Roku, you will find difficulties streaming all the apps aside from just VUDU. Therefore, it is a serious issue that needs to be fixed.

1. Restart Roku

Restarting the Roku device can fix the network issues on the device. Follow these instructions to restart Roku to fix any errors.

1. Go to the Roku home screen and open the Settings menu.

2. From the menu, choose the System option.

3. Click on the Power option in the menu.

4. Click on System restart, followed by the Restart option.

Restart Roku if VUDU not working on Roku

2. Clear Cache

Users should erase their device’s cache if the app isn’t functioning on the device.

1. Click the Home button five times.

2. Press the Up key once, then the Rewind key twice.

3. Finally, push the Fast Forward button twice.

Remove cache on Roku

3. Reset Roku

Users need to reset the Roku device to fix issues on the device. This might remove all the apps from the device.

1. Go to the Roku home screen and open Settings.

2. Select the System option on the menu.

3. Click on System Reset followed by Factory Reset.

Select Factory Reset

4. Wait till the process completes and set up the Roku device.

5. Install the VUDU app from the Channel Store.

6. Finally, users can stream their favorite shows and movies.

4. Perform a Power Cycle on Roku

Performing a power cycle on your device will help you fix most streaming issues.

1. Unplug the Roku device from the outlet.

2. Set aside 7-10 minutes.

3. Plug the power cord into the outlet and start your Roku device.

4. After establishing a WiFi connection, open the VUDU app on your Roku.

5. The VUDU app on your device may now operate as intended.

Contact Customer Support

After trying all the fixes, users need to contact VUDU customer support. If you feel the issue is with your device, visit the Roku help page.

Users could try these troubleshooting methods to resolve the VUDU app not working issue. Additionally, please let us know if there are any potential problems in the comments section below.