Key Takeaway

  • Add TBS Channel: Select Streaming ChannelsSearch ChannelsSearch TBSAdd Channel
  • Activate TBS Channel: Visit TBS Activation Webpage → Enter Activation Code → Sign in with Cable TV Provider

TBS or Turner Broadcasting System is a pay television network that is available in the United States, UK, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, and more. You can stream movies, TV series, and more on TBS. It offers programs from a variety of categories with the main focus on Comedy and some sports events like MLB, NHL, NCAA, and more. You can stream shows like American Dad, Love life, Life of the Party, Miracle Workers, 2 Broke Girls, The Big Bang Theory, and more. Also, with the TBS app, you can access your favorites anytime you want. Since the TBS app is available for Roku, you can stream your favorites anytime you want.

Is TBS Free on Roku

Yes, TBS is available on Roku. But to stream it on Roku, you need to have TV provider subscriptions. It supports TV providers like AT&T, Spectrum, Comcast, XFINITY, Cox, DIRECTV, Optimum, Verizon, and a lot more.

How to Get TBS on Roku

1. Power on your Roku device, and on the home screen, select the Streaming Channels Option.

Select Streaming Channels

2. Select the Search Channels option.

3. Type TBS on the search bar using the on-screen keyboard.

Enter TBS to stream TBS on Roku

4. Choose the app from the search results and click on Add Channel.

5. Once the TBS channel is added, click on OK from the prompt.

6. Select the Go to Channel option and enjoy streaming TBS content on your TV.

How to Activate TBS on Roku

1. Launch the TBS app on your device and click on Sign in.

2. You will see an Activation Code appearing on the screen. Note it down.

3. From any of your other devices, go to the TBS Activation Website:

4. In the Select your device section, click on the drop-down menu and choose Roku.

5. Next, select the Continue button.

Select Continue

6. On the Activation page, type the Activation Code in the given section and click on Submit.

Select Submit to stream TBS on Roku

7. Now, use your pay TV provider account to log in and activate the TBS app.

8. After that, go back to the TBS app and enjoy watching your favorite movies and TV shows.

Alternative Method – How to Watch TBS on Roku Without Cable

Below are the streaming services that you can use to stream TBS without a cable or satellite connection.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV to stream TBS on Roku

YouTube TV is one of the best subscription-based streaming services. It offers more than 121+ channels, thousands of on-demand titles, unlimited DVR Space, and allows you to create 6 users per account. You can also stream YouTube TV on 3 devices simultaneously. You can stream channels like Fox, NBC, PBS, TBS, FS1, USA, and more. So, to access YouTube TV, you need to subscribe to the base plan at $64.99 per month.

Sling TV

Sling TV

Sling TV is a popular streaming service, and it is also one of the most affordable ones too. It offers you 45+ channels, 50 hours of DVR storage and allows you to stream on three devices simultaneously. It has channels like TNT, TBS, CNN, BET, Comet, Comedy Central, and more. To get the TBS channel via Sling TV, subscribe to the Sling Orange plan at $35 per month.

DirecTV Stream

DirecTV Stream

DirecTV Stream is an awesome streaming service offering more than 150+ channels, including the TBS channel. For that, you need an Entertainment plan at $69.99 per month. It allows you to stream on an unlimited number of devices in your home, 3 devices outside of your home, and unlimited cloud DVR storage. The channels available on this service are TLC, Discovery, ABC, CBS, ESPN, NBC, AMC, Disney, and a lot more.


Hulu to stream TBS on Roku

Hulu is one of the popular streaming services in the United States. It offers you more than 75+ channels, Unlimited DVR, and Disney+. Although Hulu offers a lot of subscription plans, you need a Hulu+Live TV subscription at $69.99 per month to get the TBS channel. It also allows you to stream on 2 devices simultaneously. The channels available in the service are Animal Planet, MTV, truTV, HGTV, Lifetime, and more.