Key Takeaway

  • Add Rumble to Roku: Launch Roku home screen >> Streaming Channels >> Search Channel >> Search Rumble >> Add Channel.
  • Activate Rumble: Open Rumble >> Note Activation Code >> Visit the Activation Website >> Sign in to Rumble Account >> Paste the Code > Click on Activate.

Rumble is one of the biggest streaming platforms, commonly considered to be an alternative to YouTube. You can get Rumble on Roku to enjoy watching millions of videos of different genres. However, the service doesn’t support copyrighted content on the platform.

Is Rumble Available on Roku?

Users can find the official Rumble TV app in the Roku Channel Store. Therefore, it is quite straightforward to add the app to the device. Rumble is a free service, and users can install it for free. However, the service includes a Business Starter package of $25 per month.

How to Sign Up for Rumble

1. Turn on a computer and check the internet connection.

2. Go to the official Rumble website using any web browser.

Visit the Rumble website

3. Select the Sign in option from the top-right corner of the webpage.

4. Select the CREATE A RUMBLE ACCOUNT NOW! button.

Select the Create a Rumble Account option

5. In the REGISTER WITH RUMBLE page, fill in all the necessary details.

Provide the Rumble account details

6. Click the REGISTER button to create the account.

Select the Register button to get the Rumble account

How to Install Rumble on Roku

1. Turn on your TV and connect the Roku device through the HDMI port.

2. Launch the home screen and select the Streaming Channels option.

Click on Streaming Channels

3. Next, click on the Search Channels option.

4. Search for Rumble and pick up the app icon.

Search for Rumble on Roku

5. Click on the Add Channel button to install the app.

6. Wait for the download to complete and click on OK.

7. Finally, select Go to Channel to open the app.

Alternative Method to Add Rumble

1. Turn on your computer and open any web browser on the device.

2. Visit the official Roku Channel Store and click the Sign in button.

3. Enter the details of the Roku account to sign in.

Sign in to the Roku account

4. Select the search bar and search for Rumble.

5. Choose the app icon and click the Add Channel option.

Click on Add Channel

6. This will start to download the app on the Roku device.

7. Access and stream Rumble on the device.

How to Activate Rumble on Roku

1. Open the Rumble app on the Roku device.

2. Note down the Activation Code on the Rumble homepage.

3. Turn on your computer and launch any web browser.

4. Visit the Activation Page of Rumble on the web browser.

5. Sign in to your Rumble account with the account details.

Sign in your account

6. Provide the Activation Code and click on the Activate button.

7. Finally, reload the Rumble app on the device and enjoy watching any videos from the service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Rumble free on Roku?

Users can stream Rumble for free on any compatible device.

How to solve when Rumble not working on Roku?

If the Rumble app is not working, try basic troubleshooting methods such as Restart Roku, Update Roku, Reinstall the Rumble app, and finally, Reset the Roku device to fix the issue.