Roku is quite a popular cord-cutter brand among users who prefer to cut the cord to watch their favorite entertainment content. You can get hundreds of streaming channels with Roku streaming devices. It also has an amazing remote control to navigate and control the device. Since Roku sells different models, users are confused about which device to choose. Those who need help deciding between Ultra and Express can check the comparison of Roku Ultra vs Roku Express. The various factors we took into consideration will help you purchase one of them.

Comparison Between Roku Ultra and Roku Express

We have listed the set of features of the streaming devices Roku Ultra and Roku Express.

FeaturesRoku UltraRoku Express
Dolby Atmos
Dolby Vision Display
HLG Support
HDR10+ Display
Voice Commands
Built-in Chromecast
Google Assistant
Dolby Digital
Dolby Digital Plus
Alexa support
Siri/Apple Homekit
Includes High-Speed HDMI Cable


When it comes to pricing, the Roku Express is cheaper than the Roku Ultra. The Roku Express costs $38.27, and the Roku Ultra costs $85.97 on Amazon. The difference between the two devices is almost around $50. Though the Roku Ultra is a little pricy, it comes with Bluetooth and USB connectivity technology, whereas the Roku Express only comes with WiFi. But both devices come with voice control for easy navigation.

Roku Ultra$85.97Buy Now
Roku Express$38.27Buy Now

User Interface

User Interface - Roku Ultra vs Roku Express

The Roku Express and Roku Ultra come with the same easy-to-use user interface. For that, you need to make sure whether you are using the latest version by checking updates on your device. The new apps and services can be installed only with the recent versions. You can even access the pre-set channel shortcuts on both devices.

ParametersRoku UltraRoku Express
Home ScreenPre-set channel blocksPre-set channel blocks

Remote Control

The Roku Express and Roku Ultra have come with tiny and easy-to-handle remotes. Both remotes support voice control that helps the users with simple navigation. With the remotes, you can power on your TV, adjust the volume, search channels, turn on captions, and control the streaming device.

But the Roku Ultra device comes with the lost remote finder feature. It helps you to find the remote easily when you lose the remote. If you press the button, it makes a sound so that you can find your remote without much effort.

Roku Remote- Roku Ultra vs Roku Express

The Roku Ultra remote supports private listening in the remote itself. You can simply connect your headphone to the remote and watch your favorite shows without disturbing others at home. The private listening feature is also available on Roku Express, but you need to connect the wireless headphones using the Roku app on your Smartphone.

RemoteRoku UltraRoku Express
ConnectivityWireless NetworkWireless Network
Channel shortcut buttons
Private Listening
Voice Control
Lost Remote Finder

Device Compatibility

Both Roku and Ultra are compatible with most smart TVs. The Roku Express can be connected to your TV via the HDMI port available on your device. But you can connect the Roku Ultra device to your TV via Bluetooth, HDMI, and USB cables. The Roku Ultra doesn’t support Apple AirPlay, whereas the Roku Express lets users share photos, videos, music, and more on their TV with the Apple AirPlay feature.

FeatureRoku UltraRoku Express
Connect to TVPremium HDMI CableHDMI Cable
WiFi & ConnectivityWi-Fi & EthernetStandard WiFi
Built-in Speakers

Channel Support

The Roku Ultra and Roku Express have the same Roku Channel Store. Users can find popular apps like Netflix, Disney Plus, Prime Video, HBO Max, Sling, Hulu, and more. The installation process is straightforward, so users can directly add the channels from the Roku Channel Store. Further, you can stream 275+ free live TV channels on both devices.

Apps- Roku Express vs Roku Ultra

Smartphone App

You can control your Roku Ultra and Roku Express using the Smartphone app. The Roku app is available on the Google Play Store and App Store. So if you have lost the Roku remote, you can install the Roku app to control and navigate your Roku device using your smartphone.

FeatureRoku Ultra and Roku Express
FormSmartphone App
(Play Store and App Store)
Remote Interface
Voice Control
Private Listening
App Installation

Voice Control

The Roku Express and Roku Ultra remotes work with voice assistants. So users can just use their voice to control the streaming device and find their favorite channels. Further, Alexa or Google Assistant-enabled devices are used to launch channels and control the device.

Voice Control


The Roku Express vs Roku Ultra is unique with its set of features. Compared to Roku Express, the Roku Ultra has some extra features like a lost remote finder, private listening on the remote, Dolby Atmos, and Dolby Vision. When it comes to price, Roku Express is more affordable than the Roku Ultra device. The streaming requirements depend on the person who streams, and it is up to the user to get the Roku device that will satisfy their streaming needs.