Roku is a widely used streaming device all over the world. With that, you can stream all your favorite entertainment in high quality with the best channels on the Roku Channel Store. As it offers good streaming quality at an affordable price, many people love to use this device. To have a nice streaming experience, you need to update Roku regularly. Nowadays, error code 003 appears when many users try to update their Roku. Anyways you don’t have to worry as there are a lot of troubleshooting methods to fix the errors on your Roku.

Why Does Roku Error Code Appears

Below are the major reasons for Roku Error Code 003,

  • Roku Server is down
  • Doesn’t connect to the stable internet connection
  • The Wi-Fi network at your home might be weak

8 Best Fixes for Roku Error Code 003

The following are the 8 working troubleshooting methods you can try to fix the Roku error code 003.

1. Check Roku Server

The first troubleshooting method you could try when the error code 003 appears is to check the Roku server. You can use the Downdetector tool to check out the Roku server status. If the server is down no other way, you need to wait till the server is up. But if you didn’t find any issues with the server, follow the next fix.

2. Restart Roku

Restarting the device will always sort out many issues. If you restart your Roku, it will reconnect to your network and gives you a stable internet connection. Once you restart the device, check if the error code disappears from the screen.

To Restart Roku : press Home >> go to Settings >> select System >> tap System Restart >> hit Restart. Now, your Roku will turn off automatically and turn on again.

Restart Roku to fix Roku Error Code 003

3. Check your Internet Connection

To update your Roku device, you must be connected to a strong internet connection. If not, the error code 003 will appear. So, make sure all the cables are connected to the Roku device correctly.

4. Restart your Modem or Router

If you find any issues with your internet connection, you need to restart your modem or router. Unplug all the cables connected to your modem and wait for some time. After a few seconds, plug in the cables and connect Roku to wifi using the router. Then, try updating Roku and check if the error code appears or not.

Restart your Modem or Router

5. Use Ethernet Cable

The next fix is to connect your Roku device using the ethernet cable to your router. Some of the Roku models like Roku Ultra, Roku Ultra LT, and some Roku TV models are compatible with wired ethernet. Compared to Wi-Fi, ethernet will give you better internet speed.

6. Check the Wi-Fi Signal Strength

You need to check the Wi-Fi signal strength on your Roku. If the signal is weak, you must boost the Wi-Fi signal to fix the error code. If the issue is not fixed yet, move on to the next troubleshooting method.

7. Log out from Roku

Next, you can log out from your Roku device and log in again to make sure that the connection and update problems are not related to any account issues. Because if there are any issues with your Roku account, you will not be able to log in again.

8. Reset Roku

The final fix you could try is resetting your Roku device. When you reset your Roku, it will fix all the minor and major issues with your device. Also, all the Settings saved on your Roku will revert to default.

Important Note: To Reset Roku: press the Home button >> select Settings >> tap System >> click Advanced System Settings >> hit Factory Reset >> select Start Factory Reset.

Reset Roku

That’s all, guys! You can now fix the Roku Error Code 003 with these troubleshooting methods. If you can’t find the fix yet, contact Roku Customer Support.