Roku is one of the most popular media streaming devices in the market today. It has all your favorite apps, including Netflix, YouTube, YouTube TV, Paramount Plus, Sling TV, and more. Also, the device is developed with much effort so that it does not come up with issues. However, to be precise, there are some issues with Roku, like the frozen screen and channels not responding issue. But you don’t have to think about this issue too much as your Roku has a built-in troubleshooting method to fix any issues. The factory reset is the built-in feature on Roku that you can use to fix any persisting issues.

How to Reset Roku

There are four ways to reset Roku. They are:

  • Performing a Soft Reset
  • From Roku Settings
  • Using Reset button
  • Using a remote shortcut

Perform a Soft Reset on Roku

1. Grab the Roku remote and press the Home button to launch the home screen.

2. Navigate to and select the Settings option.

Reset Roku: Open Settings

3. Scroll down and choose the System option.

Select System

4. Select System Restart > Restart and wait for the device to complete the restarting process.

Reset Roku from Settings

1. Press the Home button on your Roku remote to launch the home screen.

2. On the left side panel, select Settings.

Open Settings

3. From the menu, select the System option.

Reset Roku  Select System

4. Next, select the Advanced System Settings option.

Reset Roku

5. On the menu, find the Factory Reset option.

6. Next, enter the code displayed at the bottom of the screen and press the OK button.

7. From the popup, choose the Start factory reset option.

After that, your Roku device will turn off and turn on automatically. Now, you have to set up your Roku once again.

Use the Reset Button to Reset Roku

If the device itself comes with a reset button, you can use it to reset the device as follows:

Reset button Roku

1. Turn on your Roku.

2. On the back of your device, find the Reset button.

3. Press and hold the Reset button for at least 15 seconds till your TV screen goes off.

4. This will start resetting the Roku device.

5. The indicator light will blink as the reset process is complete.

Reset Roku Using Remote Shortcut

Using the remote control to reset might be very useful if the screen is frozen. This is because when the screen is frozen, you can’t access the Settings menu to reset it.

1. Grab the Roku remote in your hand and press the Home button 5 times.

Home button

2. Press the Up Arrow button once.

3. Press the Rewind button twice.

4. Finally, press the Forward button twice. With this, your Roku TV screen turns off and will be turned on automatically.

Since all the data will be deleted after the factory reset procedure, you need to once again add channels on Roku.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to reset Roku without a remote?

You can reset Roku using the reset button that you can find on the back side of your device.

2. Will I lose everything if I reset Roku?

Yes, all the Settings and channels you have saved on Roku will be wiped completely.