Prime Video is a leading media streaming service from Amazon. The service has a lot of subscribers around the world. The service has titles in multiple languages. Users of Prime Video on Roku have reported that the app is not working unexpectedly. If you come across the same issue, try the troubleshooting measures in the following section.

Prime Video Not Working On Roku: Causes

The Prime Video app doesn’t show errors on any device regularly. Before fixing the issue, users need to be aware of the possible causes of these issues.

1. Prime Video server issues

2. Expired Prime video subscription

3. Poor internet connection

4. Pending software update on Roku

Prime Video Not Working On Roku: Fixes

Most issues that occur on Prime Video have simple troubleshooting fixes.

Solution 1: Check For Server Issues

If users can’t stream the Prime Video app on all of their devices, it might be caused by server issues. The Prime Video servers might be down for maintenance. In that case, users should wait for Amazon to fix the same. To check for server issues, check websites like Downdetector.

Prime Video on Downdetector

Solution 2: Restart Wi-Fi Router

If users can’t stream all apps on Roku, it indicates the internet is weak and unstable. It means that users need to restart the Wi-Fi router. Unplug the Wi-Fi router from the power source. Connect the device back to the power source and turn it on only after 10 minutes. To improve internet strength, use an Ethernet cable. Also, try reducing the number of active devices in the Wi-Fi network.

Restart Wi-Fi router if Prime Video not working on Roku

Solution 3: Uninstall Prime Video and Re-install it

If the problem is only with Prime Video, uninstall the app on Roku. Users can add it back to the device from the Roku Channel Store.

1. Launch the home screen and highlight the Prime Video app.

2. On the Roku remote, locate the Star * button and press it.

3. From the box on the screen, choose the Remove Channel option.

4. This will remove the Prime Video app from the device.

5. Open the Roku Channel Store to reinstall the Prime Video app.

Solution 4: Check Your Prime Video Account Details

Users need to check if the Amazon Prime Video subscription is still active. If the subscription has expired, they need to renew their subscription. Also, if users have difficulty signing in to the app, they should check the Prime Video account details. If the account details are wrong, users can’t sign in to the app. Also, ensure that you have not exceeded the number of possible devices to sign in to the same account.

Solution 5: Restart Roku

One of the most helpful fixes for minor issues on the device is a Roku restart. The process will help you stream the Prime Video app as well.

1. Open the Roku home screen by pressing the Home button on the Roku remote.

2. Locate the Settings option and select it.

3. Select the System option from the screen.

4. Click on the System Restart option.

5. Confirm the process by choosing the Restart option.

Restart Roku if Prime Video not working on Roku

Solution 6: Clear Cache on Roku

Another useful troubleshooting method on Roku is clearing the cache from the device. Follow these instructions to clear the cache.

1. Launch the Roku home screen by pressing the Home button.

2. Press the buttons in the Roku remote in the given order.

  • Home button: 5 times
  • Up button: 1 time
  • Rewind button: 2 times
  • Fast Forward button: 2 times
Clear cache on Roku if Prime Video not working on Roku

The process will remove the cache from the Roku remote. Finally, open the Prime Video app and start streaming your favorite shows.

Solution 7: Update the Roku Software

If the Prime Video app is still not working, users should update the Roku software.

1. Open Settings from the Roku home screen.

2. Select the System option followed by System Update.

Perform a software update

3. Click on the Check Now button from the menu.

4. Choose the Download and Install button to initiate the update.

Solution 8: Reset Roku

Users should reset Roku if the Prime Video app is not working on the device. Follow these instructions to perform a factory reset on Roku.

1. Open the Roku Settings menu from the home screen.

2. Choose the System option from the Settings menu.

3. Select the System Reset option in the menu.

4. Further, choose Factory Reset and enter the Roku PIN.

Enter Roku PIN

5. When the reset completes, set up their devices.

6. Finally, open the Roku Channel Store and install the Prime Video app.

7. Sign in to the app and stream popular movies and other titles.

Solution 9: Contact Customer Support

If the Prime Video app is still not working on Roku, users need to contact either Roku Support or Prime Video support. They can help you with fixing issues with the service.


How do I update my Amazon app on Roku?

From the home screen, highlight the Prime Video app > Press the * button > Select Check for updates.

How do I reset my Prime Video on my Roku TV?

To reset the Prime Video app, users need to delete the app from the device. Further, they can install the app from the Channel Store.