Key Takeaway

  • Add Popcornflix to Roku: Launch Roku home screen >> Streaming Channels >> Search Channel >> Search Popcornflix >> Add Channel.
  • Activate Popcornflix: Open Popcornflix >> Sign in to your account >> Note Activation Code >> Visit the Activation Website >> Paste the Code > Select Activate >> Start Streaming.

Popcornflix is a streaming service that provides a ton of free movies. The app hosts VOD movies alongside Blockbuster movies. There are many titles providing unlimited entertainment in genres like drama, documentaries, and more. Users can stream these titles from Popcornflix without advertisements by renting them on Roku. Users can download the app directly to their devices and play the titles in the app.

How to Sign Up for Popcornflix

1. Turn on your computer and visit the Popcornflix website using a web browser.

Visit the Popcornflix website

2. Select the START WATCHING FOR FREE NOW button.

3. Provide the necessary details (Username, Email, Password) to create an account.

4. Finally, you have signed up for a Popcornflix account.

How to Install Popcornflix on Roku

You can download Popcornflix in two ways, and they are:

Add Popcornflix on Roku Device

The Roku Channel Store hosts the official app of Popcornflix. You can install the app for free.

1. Turn on the TV and connect the Roku device through the HDMI port on the device.

2. Launch the home screen and select the Streaming Channels option.

Click on Streaming Channels

3. Click the Search Channels option in the Roku Channel Store.

3. Search for the Popcornflix app and pick up the app icon from the results.

Search for Popcornflix on Roku

4. Click on the Add Channel button to install the Popcornflix app.

5. When the app download completes, select OK.

6. To open the Popcornflix app, choose the Go to Channel button.

Install Popcornflix from Roku Website

The App can be installed on the Roku device from the website itself. You have to sign in to the same Roku account.

1. Power on your computer and connect the device to the internet.

2. Go to the official Roku Channel Store using the web browser.

Visit Roku Channel Store to install Popcornflix on Roku

3. Click on the Sign In button from the top of the screen.

4. Provide the Roku account credentials and sign in to the Roku account.

Sign in to your Roku Account

5. Click the Search icon and search for Popcornflix.

6. Choose the app icon and click on the Add Channel button.

Click on Add Channel to install Popcornflix on Roku

7. When the app download is over, users can access the Popcornflix app on the device.

How to Activate Popcornflix on Roku

There is an activation procedure to be completed before streaming the content.

1. After installing the Popcornflix app, open it on the device.

2. The app gives users an Activation code that they need to note down.

3. With a web browser on the computer, visit the official Popcornflix activation website.

4. Further, provide the account details to sign in.

Sign in to your account

5. Enter the Popcornflix Activation Code and click the Activate option.

Enter the Activation Code

6. Finally, refresh the app on Roku and stream your favorite shows.

Popcornflix on Roku

Alternative Method to Watch Popcornflix

Popcornflix on YouTube

YouTube is one of the most popular video streaming platforms across the world, with support on multiple platforms. Popcornflix has a YouTube channel that hosts popular movies and TV shows. So, users can access these movies and TV shows on their devices from Popcornflix for free using the YouTube app.

Popcornflix Not Working on Roku

If the Popcornflix app has issues with streaming, try these troubleshooting measures to rectify the issue and continue streaming.

Popcornflix Won’t Load On Roku

  • Check if the Popcornflix server is down for maintenance. In that case, users need to wait for the service to fix the issue.
  • Restart the Wi-Fi router if you feel like your internet is unstable.
  • To make sure that your internet is stable, contact your Internet Service Provider.

Popcornflix on Roku is Crashing

  • Restart the Roku device by keeping it unplugged from the power source for 5-10 mins.
  • Uninstall the Popcornflix app from your device and then re-install it back from the Channel Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the other best free movie channel on Roku?

Popular movie channels on Roku include Pluto TV, Tubi, Xumo, Crackle, The Roku Channel, and Fawesome.

Is Popcornflix safe to watch?

Popcornflix is a legal service to stream content. You can watch movies and TV shows without any hesitation.