Pluto TV is a free streaming service to watch live TV channels and videos on demand. The Pluto TV app on Roku may stop working due to various reasons. For instance, users may experience buffering and server issues. Sometimes, users cannot open the app on Roku. If you are one among them, you may not worry. You can resolve this Pluto TV on Roku not working issue by trying the basic troubleshooting methods.

Why is Pluto TV Not Working on Roku

Here are the common reasons for the Pluto TV Not Working on Roku issues.

  • A weak internet connection
  • Corrupted cache data
  • Outdated Pluto TV app
  • The Pluto TV server is down
  • Unsupported Roku Device

How to Fix Pluto TV Not Working on Roku

You can use the troubleshooting methods mentioned here one by one to fix the Pluto TV not working issues.

Pluto TV App Not Loading Content

Here are the reasons for the Pluto TV app not loading content on your Roku device.


  • Weak internet connection
  • Server down


You need to check the internet connection and server status when the app is not loading content.

1. Check the Internet Connection

You need a stable internet connection to stream Pluto TV on your Roku device. If the connection is weak, you will experience buffering and freezing. You can follow the below-mentioned steps if your internet connection is weak to fix up the issue.

#1. Unplug the power cable from your WiFi router and wait for a few seconds.

Unplug the power cable

#2. Next, plug the power cables into the power outlet and switch it on.

#3. Turn on and connect Roku to the WiFi connection.

#4. Open the Pluto TV app and check if the problem is fixed now.

2. Check the Server Status of the Pluto TV App

The next fix is to check the server status of the Pluto TV app. You can check whether the Pluto TV server is down using third-party websites like Downdetector. If the server is down, you need to wait till it gets back. Sometimes, many users will be using the app at the same time, which will create traffic issues. So wait for a minute and reload or relaunch Pluto TV. The issue might not be resolved when it occurred for a different reason. So, try the other fixes.

Unable to Open the Pluto TV on Roku

If you can’t open the Pluto TV app, you shall go through the reasons and solutions mentioned here.


  • Outdated version of the Pluto TV App
  • Outdated firmware of Roku


You should update your Roku device and the Pluto TV app to fix this issue. It will help you sort out the temporary issues.

1. Update the Pluto TV App

#1. Set up your Roku device and go to the Apps section.

#2. Scroll to the bottom to select the Pluto TV app.

#3. Press the Asterisk (*) button on your Roku remote control.

Press the Asterisk (*) button

#4. Select Check for updates from the menu.

Select Check for updates- Pluto TV Not Working

#5. If there is any new update available, it will start updating the app automatically.

#6. Once the update is over, launch the Pluto TV app and check whether the app is working now.

2. Update Roku

1. Hit the Home button on the Roku remote control to launch the Roku Home screen.

2. Navigate down and select the Settings option.

3. Click System Update on the next screen.

Click System Update

4. Next, click the Check Now button.

5. If you find an update available, click the Update Now button.

6. Restart your Roku device and launch the Pluto TV app.

7. Check whether the app is working now.

Video Stops on Pluto TV Automatically

In case of the video you are watching stops automatically, you can use the below-mentioned solutions and fix the issue.


  • Corrupted cache


You can fix this issue by signing out from your account and uninstalling the app on your Roku device.

1. How to Sign Out from Pluto TV

#1. Power on your Roku device and connect it to the WiFi network.

#2. Navigate down and select the Pluto TV app.

#3. Go to the Profile or Settings section.

#4. Search for the Logout or Sign Out option.

#5. Next, restart the Pluto TV app to sign in and check if it works now.

2. How to Uninstall and Reinstall the Pluto TV App

#1. Launch the Roku home screen.

#2. Navigate to the Apps section and select the Pluto TV app.

#3. On your remote control, press the Asterisk (*) button.

#4. Choose the Remove Channel option from the menu.

Choose the Remove Channel

#5. Go to the Home screen again and click the Streaming Channels option.

#6. Next, tap Search Channels.

#7. Search for the Pluto TV app.

#8. Choose Channel from the search results and tap the Add Channel button.

#9. After the installation of Pluto TV, you shall hit Go to Channel to launch the app.

#10. Start streaming the content of your choice on your Roku device.

Uncleared and Corrupted Cache on Roku

If you have not cleared the app cache on your Roku device for a long, it will also lead to the app not working issue.


  • Temporary software issues
  • Over usage of the app


You should clear the cache on Roku to sort out the Pluto TV app not working issue.

1. How to Clear Cache on Roku

#1. Power on your Roku device and navigate to the home screen.

#2. Hit the Home button on your Roku remote control 5 times.

#3. Next, press the Up arrow button once and the Rewind button twice.

#4. Now, press the Fast Forward button twice to clear the cache.

#5. The cache gets cleared in 15 to 20 seconds.

2. How to Restart Roku

#1. Navigate to Settings on your Roku device.

#2. Scroll down and click the System option.

#3. Select System Restart on the next screen.

 Select System Restart - Pluto TV Not Working on Roku

#4. Next, click the Restart button.

#5. Open the Pluto TV app and check if it works now.

3. How to Reset Roku

#1. Go to Settings on your Roku device.

#2. On the home screen, scroll down and click the Settings option.

#3. Next, click the Advanced System Settings option.

#4. Select the Factory Reset option.

#6. Enter the Roku PIN using the on-screen keyboard.

Enter the Roku PIN - Pluto TV Not Working

#7 Click the Ok button to start resetting your Roku device.

#8. Set up Roku and install the Pluto TV on Roku.

If you cannot fix the problem after trying all the above-mentioned troubleshooting methods, you shall get customer support from Roku to fix the Pluto TV app not working on the Roku device issue.