Peacock TV is an impressive media streaming service from NBCUniversal. The app library has the best collection of movies and episodes of TV shows. Peacock has movies from popular productions like DreamWorks, Universal, and Focus Features. If the Peacock app is not working on Roku, users should try the troubleshooting tips in the compilation.

Peacock Not Working on Roku: Causes

Roku users have reported that the Peacock app shows errors from time to time. Some of the causes for the issues on the Peacock app might be the following.

1. Unstable internet connection

2. Peacock server issues

3. Exceeding the number of simultaneous streams

4. Pending Roku software update

5. Peacock subscription has expired

Peacock Not Working on Roku: Fixes

One of the above issues could cause the Peacock app not to work on your device. Users need to try the troubleshooting tips in the following section.

Solution 1: Check For Server Issues

The Peacock server might be down for some unknown reasons. If there is a server issue, the app might not work on any devices users have. The server issues are to be fixed by Peacock. To check if there is a server outage, visit Downdetector.

Downdetector Peacock

Solution 2: Check Your Internet

If your internet is slow, the Peacock app might buffer. Users might not be able to play any titles from the app. To make the internet strength stronger, use an Ethernet cable to establish the connection. Also, users can try reducing the number of devices on the same Wi-Fi network. In addition, restart the Wi-Fi router by disconnecting it from the power source. Make sure that the device is disconnected for 5-10 minutes before connecting it back.

Restart Wi-Fi router if Peacock is not working on Roku

Solution 3: Update the Peacock App

Users need to make sure that the Peacock TV app is updated. If the app is not up-to-date, users might find it hard to stream Peacock.

1. Launch the Roku Channel Store on your device.

2. Using the search feature, search for the Peacock app.

3. Pick up the Peacock app icon from the search results.

4. Select the Update option next to the app icon.

5. When the process completes, open the Peacock app.

6. Start streaming the shows available in the app library.

Solution 4: Restart Roku

Another important troubleshooting method to try is restarting the Roku device.

1. Open the Home screen on Roku.

2. Open the Settings menu and select the System option.

Open the Settings menu on Roku

3. Select the System restart option.

Restart Roku if Peacock is not working on Roku

4. Finally, the Roku device will restart on its own.

Solution 5: Uninstall Peacock and Reinstall it

If the Peacock app is still not working or not showing on Roku, users should uninstall it from their Roku devices. If the app is not installed on Roku properly, users might face issues with streaming the app. After removing the app, users can reinstall it from the Roku Channel Store. After signing in to the account, users should check if any issues exist.

Solution 6: Check Your Account Details

If the issue is with signing in, check if you are providing the correct account details. Also, make sure that the Peacock subscription has not expired. In that case, users need to activate their subscriptions. Each subscription of Peacock can be accessed by only a limited number of profiles. If you have exceeded the limit, it is hard to access the app.

1. Open the Account page of the Peacock TV app.

2. Click on the Devices option in the menu.

3. Select the Other Devices tab, followed by the Sign Out All Devices option.

Solution 7: Clear Cache on Roku

The accumulated cache in the Roku remote might interfere with the streaming. So, clear the cache on Roku as follows.

1. Grab the Roku remote and press the Home button to launch the home screen.

2. Press the following buttons in order on the Roku remote in the given order.

  • Home button: 5 times
  • Up button: 1 time
  • Rewind button: 2 times
  • Fast Forward button: 2 times
Clear cache if Peacock is not working on Roku

Solution 8: Update Roku

If the issues with the Peacock app are a result of bugs on the device, users should perform a Roku update.

1. Initially, open the Settings menu from the Roku home screen.

2. Choose the System option on the menu.

3. Click on the System Update option followed by the Check Now button.

Click on System UPdate

4. Select the Download and Install button to initiate the app update.

Solution 9: Reset Roku

1. Open the Roku home screen and the Settings menu.

2. Choose the System option followed by the System Reset option.

3. Click on Factory Reset and wait till the process completes.

Select Factory Reset

4. Users should set up the Roku device and install Peacock.

5. Finally, try playing the app on Roku.

Solution 10: Contact Customer Support

If users are facing any issues with the Peacock app, they should contact Peacock Support or Roku Customer Support. With their help, users can fix all issues on the device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Peacock get removed from Roku?

No, The Peacock app is still available in the Channel Store for download.

Why does Peacock always freeze?

If the app is freezing, check your internet strength. Also, check if there are any Peacock server issues.