Netflix is one of the much-loved media streaming services across the globe because of its amazing shows and movies. It brings to you award-winning original series along with amazing movies and other titles. You can watch documentaries, animes, cartoons, and more on this service. It is a subscription-based service that brings to you ultimate entertainment with no hidden fees. Netflix is available on a variety of different devices, including Roku. If you have a Netflix subscription, you can download the shows and stream them at your convenience as well.

How Much is Netflix on Roku

Netflix is a subscription-based streaming service with attractive subscription plans to choose from.

CountryNetflix Basic PlanNetflix Standard PlanNetflix Premium Plan
United States$9.99$15.49$19.99
United Kingdom£6.99£10.99£15.99
Canada9.99 CAD16.49 CAD20.99 CAD
Germany7.99 €12.99 €17.99 €
South Korea9500 ₩13,500 ₩17,000 ₩
India₹ 199₹ 499₹ 649

How to Sign Up to Netflix

You can get a Netflix account by following these instructions.

1. Open a web browser and visit

2. Browse through the subscriptions available and choose the one that suits your interest.

Netflix Subscription

3. You can create your account by entering your Email Address and Password.

4. Complete subscribing to Netflix by choosing your payment method.

5. Finally, you have subscribed to Netflix.

How to Install Netflix on Roku

1. Turn on your Roku device and connect to a wifi network.

2. Select the Streaming Channels option from the left sidebar of your home screen.

Select Streaming Channels

3. Next, select the Search Channels option.

Select Search Channels

4. Search for the Netflix app and pick up the app icon from the search suggestions.

5. Click on the Add Channel button to start installing Netflix.

Netflix on Roku

6. Wait for the installation to complete and select the OK button.

7. Open the Netflix app by selecting the Go to Channel option.

Alternative Method to Add Netflix on Roku

Using the Roku app available on your Android or iOS devices, you can easily add the Netflix app to Roku.

1. Connect your Android or iOS device to the same Wi-Fi network as your Roku device.

2. Install the Roku mobile app from the Play Store or App Store.

3. After installing the Roku app, open the app and tap the Devices icon from the navigation bar.

Tap on Devices

4. From the list of devices, select the Roku device and wait for the connection to be established.

5. After a successful connection, a list of options will be displayed below your Roku device. From there, select the Channels tab.

Tap on Channels

6. Select the Channel Store icon and then search for the Netflix app.

Select the Channel Store

7. Choose the Netflix app and tap on the Add Channel option to install the app on your device.

8. Enter the Roku PIN if prompted.

9. Finally, the Netflix app will be added to Roku in 24 hours.

Tip: To get the Netflix app on Roku immediately, go to SettingsSystemSystem UpdateCheck Now. After this, the Netflix app will be added immediately.

How to Sign in to Netflix on Roku

1. Open the Netflix app and select the Sign In option.

Click on Sign In

2. If you can’t see the sign-in option but get the Are you a Member of Netflix? screen, select Yes.

3. Type in your email address and then select the Next option.

4. Enter the Password and then select the Sign In option.

5. Create or choose a profile to start streaming on Netflix.

How to Use Netflix on Roku

1. After choosing or creating a profile, you will get to the home screen of Netflix.

2. Navigate to the Netflix menu and choose any movie or show that you wish to watch and select it.

Stream Netflix on Roku

3. With that, the movie or the show will start playing on your Roku device.

How to Logout of Netflix on Roku

1. Open the Netflix app on your Roku device.

2. Press the Back button on your remote.

3. On the left pane, select the Get Help button.

4. From the Get Help section, select the Sign Out button.

Sign Out

5. Confirm signing out of Netflix by selecting the Yes option.

How to Cancel Netflix on Roku

You can cancel your subscription with Netflix on Roku as follows.

1. Press the Home button on your remote and launch the home screen.

2. Next, press the Right Arrow button on your remote.

3. Highlight the Netflix app and press the Star button on your remote.

4. Next, select the Manage Subscription option from the menu.

Click on Manage Subscription

5. Find the Cancel Subscription option and select it to unsubscribe from Netflix.

Cancel Netflix subscription

6. Confirm the same by selecting the Cancel Subscription option

7. Next, select Done.

Finally, you have canceled the Netflix Subscription on Roku.

How to Update Netflix on Roku

You can update the Netflix app on your device as follows.

1. Highlight the Netflix app icon on your home screen.

2. Press the Star button on the Roku remote.

Netflix on Roku

3. Next, select the Check for Updates option.

4. This will manually update the app if there is any pending update.

How to Fix Netflix Not Working on Roku Issue

If the Netflix app on your device won’t load or keeps on crashing down, you need to try these fixing measures.

Can’t Load Netflix

  • If you can’t load the Netflix app on Roku, it might be because its server is down for maintenance. Check if any server issues exist on Netflix and, if so, wait for it to be resolved. You can use third-party websites like Downdetector to check the servers of Netflix.
  • Perform a Power Cycle on your Roku device by unplugging it from the power source for 5 or 10 minutes.
  • Update the Roku software from Settings System Software UpdateCheck Now.

Can’t Sign Into Netflix

  • If you are sharing your Netflix subscription with your family or friends, check if the limit of supported devices has been exceeded.
  • Uninstall the Netflix app on your Roku device and then re-install it from the Channel Store. Now, try logging into the app using your subscription credentials.

Netflix Is Buffering

  • If the Netflix app is buffering, it might be because of a poor internet connection. Therefore, restart your Wi-Fi router by unplugging it from the Power Source for a couple of minutes.
  • Try connecting to the internet using an Ethernet Cable.
  • If the internet is still weak, contact your Internet Service Provider.

Can’t Access a Specific Title on Netflix

  • Check if you have blocked the content because of the Parental Control Settings in the app.
  • Also, it might be because the title is not available in your region because of Geographic restrictions.
  • If you have enabled a VPN, it might be interfering with streaming the channel so try disabling the VPN.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I activate Netflix on my Roku?

You just have to launch the Netflix app and sign in with your subscription credentials to start streaming your favorites on Roku.

2. Does Netflix have regular TV channels?

No, Netflix doesn’t offer any live TV channels.

3. Which is better, Netflix or Hulu?

Netflix is better than Hulu because its library contains extensive collections of movies, originals, and TV shows.