Roku will impress you with its rich collection of channels on it. With just connecting your Roku to wifi, you can add channels to watch your favorite news, sports, and entertainment channels. Also, there are some collections of local channels available on Roku. The local channels include both free and subscription-based ones. For instance, you can find above 100 local news channels on your device. You can simply search for local channels or browse through the categories to find them. Also, a few local channels can be accessed by entering your zip code.

How to Get Local Channels on Roku

There are a variety of local channels available on Roku. They are:

  • Local News channels
  • Local Sports and weather updates
  • Local Radio Stations

You can also watch local channels with your live cable TV provider and connecting the antenna to Roku.

Local News Channels

If you want the best weather updates on your devices, you need to try the following services.


Local news channels on Roku: NewsON

NewsOn is a popular news channel that streams local news. You can stream news from nearly 200 US local stations. The application is completely free to access on your devices and doesn’t need any cable subscription or login required. You can watch the news streams streaming live on your devices. To find the local news streams, you can use the By Location feature of the application. Apart from live news coverage on NewsOn, you can watch newscasts from the last 48 hours.

NewsOn Download LinkRoku Channel Store

HayStack News

HayStack News

HayStack News is a news streaming channel to start watching the live local news coverage. In addition, HayStack News has nearly a hundred channels streaming which will also give you global news. Moreover, it is a free application with a lot of useful features. You can find content with the dedicated app categories, topics, and sources. You get to access news coverage from well-known services like ABC, Bloomberg, Newsy, CBS, CBS Boston, CBS New York, CNET, EuroNews, Cheddar, and GameSpot.

Haystack News Download LinkRoku Channel Store

Local Sports and Weather Updates

With the following channels on Roku, you can get the most accurate weather updates and sports events on your device.

The Weather Network

Local channels on Roku: The Weather Network

The Weather Network is another app for you to get the most accurate local weather updates. You can find the weather forecasts for the upcoming days. Also, you can find the local weather updates of the previous days as well. With the local weather forecasts on The Weather Network, you can accurately schedule your week.  The weather forecast from the app is within a 1km radius of your current location. Also, the forecasts in The Weather Network are refreshed every 15 minutes.

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel option

The Weather Channel, as the name suggests, brings to you the most accurate weather updates. It gives you the best updates about the local news. This is possible with the app’s weather widgets and live radar maps. They have the most accurate local storm radar, rain tracker, and snow radar. Thereby, you can be sure about the weather forecasts and warnings from the Weather Channel. Also, the weather forecasts for winter, snow, and rain are updated every hour. In addition, the app has weather forecasts for the next 15 days helping you plan your routine ahead of time.

The Weather Channel Download LinkRoku Channel Store


Weather Nation

If you want local weather updates, you can get help from an app like WeatherNation. It is a free local channel with the most accurate weather updates from your place. You don’t have to sign up for the app, and there is no free trial available in the service. The application has 24-hour in-depth streams of weather reports from across the nation. Moreover, the app gives you the current weather conditions, temperature, and updated forecasts. This is made possible with radar and weather maps.

WeatherNation Download LinkRoku Channel Store

KHOU Houston

KHOU Houston

KHOU Houston is a local news channel from Houston that will keep you updated with the latest news updates. You can find the KHOU+ app in the Roku Channel Store that you can download. It has video coverage of all the local events in the service. With the app, you will not miss out on your favorite matches of the local pro and college teams. You can also follow your favorite teams in the app to watch all of their matches.

KHOU Houston Download LinkRoku Channel Store

Boston 25 Now

Boston 25 NOW will give you the latest updates on news and events from Boston. It provides you with updates on the local weather and traffic. In addition, you can watch your favorite sports events from the service on the channel. The weather details in the app include the forecasts for the next 7 days with detailed hour-by-hour analysis. It has dedicated sections for Breaking News events and live news streams.

Boston 25 Now Download LinkRoku Channel Store

WSB Atlanta

WSB Atlanta

WSB Atlanta is a local news channel from Atlanta, Georgia, from ABC. They also have radio stations, including WSB (750 AM), WSBB-FM (95.5), WSB-FM (98.5), and WSRV (97.1 FM). It gives you updates on local news, sports, and weather accurately. They have a five-day weather forecast along with hour-by-hour weather reports. In addition, they have dedicated news categories for easy access to different sections in the service.

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Local Radio Stations

With the following apps, you can get local radio stations and listen to them on Roku.


Tune In

TuneIn brings to your Roku device the local radio stations and news updates. In addition, the service streams music, podcasts, and live sports. Also, it is a free-to-access application with no hidden charges. The local radio stations will give you the fastest and most accurate updates on the local news from your location. In addition, TuneIn includes global news. Moreover, you can find more than 5.7 million podcasts and 100,000 global radio stations.

TuneIn Download LinkRoku Channel Store



iHeart is another radio streaming application with the local radio stations that you are looking for. Also, you can stream music and podcasts on iHeart. There are thousands of live radio stations, including local stations. You can create a favorites list with your favorite stations on iHeart and access them easily. Some of the radio stations from the service include KQED, WILD 94.9, 106.1 KMEL, KNBR 680, Black Information Network, and AM 1100 KFAX.

iHeart Download LinkRoku Channel Store

How to Watch Local Channels on Roku With Live TV Providers

With the following live TV services, you can get access to regional channels on your device.


fubo TV

fubo TV is a popular live TV streaming platform with the best collection of TV channels. If you are looking forward to streaming local sports on your Roku device, you might not find a better choice than fuboTV. Some of the regional sports networks on fubo TV include NBC Sports Boston, AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh, Marquee Sports Network, AT&T SportsNet Southwest, MSG, MSG+, NESN, and more.

fuboTV Download LinkRoku Channel Store

Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus to watch Local channels on Roku

If you have a subscription with Paramount Plus, then you can watch interesting local channels. It has a cool collection of regional channels, including CBS Sports HQ, Los Angeles -KCBS-TV, CBS News Streaming Network, Chicago WBBM-TV, and more. These channels will let you get the latest news updates and watch all your favorite regional sports events. In addition, you can enjoy streaming live sports, breaking news, movies, TV shows, kid’s shows, and much more with Paramount Plus.

Paramount Plus Download LinkRoku Channel Store

Sling TV

Sling Tv to get Local channels on Roku

Sling TV is a popular live TV subscription service with a rich collection of TV channels. It has more than 200 TV channels, including regional networks that you want. The regional channels from FOX cover markets like Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Dallas, Philadelphia, and more. At the same time, local networks from NBC cover markets in Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, and more.


Hulu+Live TV for Local channels on Roku

If you have a subscription to Hulu, you can enjoy watching regional channels. For instance, you can stream regional networks from ABC, Fox News, CBS, and Telemundo. With the sports channel from NBC sports networks, you can watch local sports as well. In total, the service has access to more than 75 TV channels of various categories, including local channels. Also, you will be thrilled with the on-demand library of titles that you can access with the subscription.

Alternative Method – Watch Local Channels on Roku With Antenna

You can watch local channels on Roku for free with Antenna. Apart from being free, it will be extremely simple to set up and access the same. It offers you local broadcasts from around 100 miles away. The channels are different in different locations for the same reason. All you need to do is, connect the TV with the antenna. Once done, you can scan for channels following the instruction on the screen. Also, antennas are not an expensive option. Moreover, with the antenna connected to your TV, you can record the live TV as well to watch it later.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to get local channels on Roku without antenna?

You can watch live TV channels on your device with fubo TV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV.

2. How can I get local channels on Roku for free?

Local channels like WeatherNation and HayStack News are free on Roku.

3. What is the cheapest way to get local channels on Roku?

Connecting an antenna on your Roku TV is the cheapest way to get local channels.