Disney Plus on Roku is a subscription-based streaming service to stream your favorite movies and shows in various languages. If you want to watch titles without a language barrier, Disney Plus provides closed captions/subtitle support. So, you shall better understand the content only if you know to turn on the subtitles on Disney Plus Roku App.

The process is relatively easy and can be done from the Roku Settings and Disney+ app. With this, you shall watch the content in different genres, including comedy, crime, reality, action, crime, travel, kids, animation, horror, sport, fantasy, etc.

How to Turn On Subtitles for Disney Plus Via Roku Settings

You can turn on the subtitles for the Disney Plus content on your Roku device settings directly.

1. Press the Home button on your remote control to launch the home screen.

Press the Home button

2. Scroll down and click the Settings option.

select Settings-  Turn Subtitles On Disney Plus Roku

3. Choose Accessibility under the Settings menu.

4. Tap the Captions mode option on the next screen.

5. Here, you can find three options Off, On always, and On replay.

Tap the Captions mode- Turn Subtitles On Disney Plus Roku

6. Next, tap the On always button to turn on subtitles.

7. Click the Caption preferred language and select the preferred language and caption language.

You can also use the below-mentioned steps on Roku Settings as an alternative method to turn on subtitles.

1. Navigate to the Content description page.

2. Select Options/Audio & Subtitles.

3. Next, tap the Select caption option.

4. Hit Enable to turn on subtitles.

Note: It is possible to cancel the Disney Plus Subscription on Roku if you aren’t satisfied with the service or have found a better replacement.

How to Turn On Closed Captions on Disney Plus Roku Channel

You can follow the steps here to turn on the subtitle in the Disney+ channel itself.

1. Select the desired Disney+ content you want to get subtitles.

2. Go to the Content description section.

3. Next, click the Up or Down button on the Roku remote.

4. Choose the Audio & Subtitles option.

5. Hit Subtitle under the Audio & Subtitles section.

6. Subtitles will be enabled during the playback.

Note: To turn off closed captions on Disney Plus Roku, you shall follow the same steps and disable it.

Frequently Asked Question

1. How to change subtitles on Disney Plus Roku?

Select the content on the Disney Plus channel and click the Audio and Subtitles option. Next, select the language to change the subtitle.

2. Why are subtitles not working on Disney Plus on Roku?

It may be because the content doesn’t have subtitle support officially.