In recent times, you might be facing a lot of issues with your Roku TV remote. In that scenario, it will be difficult for you to turn on your TV and navigate through Settings. But there is an option left for you to turn on Roku TV without a remote.

Can you Turn On Roku TV Without a Remote

If you have lost your Roku remote or if your remote is not working anymore, you can still turn on your TV and stream content from it. In the following section, let’s discuss ways to do the same.

There are two ways to turn on your Roku TV without the use of the remote. They are:

How to Turn on your Roku TV With the Power Button

In the case where your Roku TV remote is not working, you don’t have to worry because you can find the Power button located at the bottom or at the back panel of your Roku TV. With that, you can easily turn on your Roku TV.

Turn on Roku TV with physical buttons

The following list contains the location of the Power button based on the Roku TV brands:

Roku TV BrandPower Button Location
RCAUnder your TV (centered in location)
SanyoThe back panel of your TV
JVCSide or the back panel of your TV
PhilipsThe back panel of your TV
ElementLocated at the Center bottom of your TV
onnUnder your TV (Located to the Right)
HitachiUnder your TV (centered in location)
InFocusThe back panel of your TV
WestinghouseUnder your TV (Located to the left)

After you locate the button, press it once; this turns your Roku TV on and off.

How to Turn on Roku TV Using the Official Roku App

Roku’s official remote app is available for both Android as well as iOS devices. If you have connected the Roku app to your TV, you can simply use it to replace your Roku remote. Therefore, if the remote is lost or is not working, you can use this app to control your TV without the use of the remote.

Note: The following method will only work in case you have already paired your Roku remote with your TV.

1. Launch the Roku app on your Android or iOS device.

2. Next, tap the Devices icon from the bottom of the screen.

3. Next, select your Roku device and tap the Remote icon.

4. Locate the Power icon on the remote interface and tap it. This turns on your Roku TV.

Turn on Roku TV with the remote app

What Should I Do If I Still Can’t Turn on My Roku TV

In case your remote is not working or is lost, you can go for a remote replacement. Roku remotes can be categorized as Roku Voice remote, Roku voice remote pro, and more. These devices have different functioning and help you control different Roku devices.

Roku remote

You need to note that you can use these methods to turn on your Roku without a remote in all brands like Hisense, Philips, Sanyo, Magnavox, Element, TCL, Sharp, and more. You can use the Power button on your Roku TV or the Roku app until you fix your remote or when you find the remote replacement.