Key Takeaway

  • From Settings: Open Settings >> Accessibility >> Captions Mode >> Off.
  • Using Remote: Press the Asterisk * button >> Caption Mode >> Turn it off >> Close.

Roku users already know that their device is filled with a lot of features. One of the specialized features is Closed Captioning. With this feature enabled, subtitles will be automatically generated while playing a movie or TV show. In case you don’t want the subtitles to appear while streaming, you can turn it off anytime on Roku.

How to Turn Off Subtitles on Roku

Users have two different methods that will help them to turn off subtitles on Roku. The following are the two different ways to turn off the feature on your device.

  • Turn off subtitles from the Settings menu
  • Turn off subtitles with the remote

Turn Off Subtitles From the Settings Menu

1. Go to Settings from the Roku home screen.

Open the Firestick Settings

2. Next, choose the Accessibility option on the menu.

Choose the Accessibilty option

3. Further, click on the Captions mode option and select the Off option.

4. This will eventually turn off the Closed Caption feature on your Roku device.

Choose the Off option toturn off subtitles on Roku

5. Apart from the Off option, you can find these two options in the menu.

  • On always: With this option enabled, subtitles will appear at all times you have something streaming on your device.
  • On Replay: With this option enabled, subtitles will show up each time you press the Replay button on your remote.

Turn Off Subtitles With the Roku Remote

In case you have enabled the Shortcut option, you can turn on and off the subtitles on your Roku anytime using your remote. You can turn on the Shortcut option from Roku Settings > Accessibility > Shortcut.

1. Connect Roku to wifi and stream any of your favorites.

2. Grab the Roku remote in your hand and press the Asterisk (*) button.

Press the Asterisk button in your remote

3. On the new pop-up menu, choose the Caption mode option.

4. Press the Right button on your remote until you see the Off option.

5. Next, press the OK button on your remote.

6. After that, the subtitles on your Roku will not appear again.

Turn off caption mode option to turn off subtitles on Roku

7. Finally, click on the Close button.

Why Can’t I Turn Off the Subtitles on Roku?

There may be some bugs on your Roku device, and that’s why you can’t turn off the subtitles. But you can follow the troubleshooting steps below to fix the issue.

1. Check if you have turned off the Captions mode from the Settings menu. Open Settings > Accessibility > Captions mode and check if it’s turned Off.

2. Restart your Roku device from Settings > System > System Restart > Restart. After restarting the device, turn off the subtitles feature once again.

3. If the caption is still not disabled, you need to factory reset Roku to fix the issue.

4. Finally, you need to contact Roku Support for help if the above troubleshooting methods aren’t of any help to you.

Once you turn off the caption mode on Roku, it will be automatically applied to all the streaming services you installed, like Hulu, Paramount Plus, and more.