Users of Roku might be confused about how to turn off their Roku devices. This is because these devices don’t have a Power button. In general, Roku devices are made to be switched on and connected to the internet continuously. However, these devices consume less power. Depending on the device users own, the process for perhaps turning the device off may vary.

How to Turn Off Roku

Without the presence of a power button, users might not be aware of how to turn the device off. In general, users can turn off their devices in different methods.

Turn off from Settings

If you have a Roku 4 or other Roku devices with you, you can turn it off from the Settings menu.

1. Grab the Roku remote and press the Home button on your Roku remote.

Press the Home button

2. Open the Settings menu from the left side of the home screen.

3. From the menu, choose the System option.

Select the System option

4. Further, select the Power option from the menu.

5. Turn off the device by selecting the Power Off option in the menu.

Alternatively, users can turn off their devices whenever they are inactive for 30 minutes with the Auto Power Off option.

Disconnect Roku from Power Source

How to Turn Off Roku with power source

The best way to turn off Roku is by disconnecting the device from the Power source. Like any other device connected to a power outlet, disconnecting the device will help you turn it off. Also, this method is applicable to all Roku devices and Roku TVs. You can also turn off the Roku older devices by removing the Power source.

Power Off Your TV

Instead of removing your Roku device from the power source, disconnect your TV from the Power source. This will turn off both your Roku device and the TV. Users might think that they can turn off their Roku devices by putting their TV in Standby mode. However, the Roku device will remain on even if the TV is in Standby mode.

Unplug HDMI Cable

How to Turn Off Roku with HDMI

This method might not exactly turn off Roku devices. Users have to connect to the USB port for power. So by removing this input, you can prevent pictures from the device from appearing on the TVs. The first Roku Streaming Stick used an MHL connection, which resembles a standard HDMI but also enables powering of the device. So, users can remove this HDMI connection to turn it off.

Turn Off Roku TV

Roku TV users can turn off their devices from the Settings menu easily. However, the device supports an option to turn off only when the device is inactive for 4 hours.

1. Press the Home button on the Roku remote. This will launch the Roku home screen.

2. Open the Roku Settings menu.

3. Next, choose the System option followed by the Power option.

4. Select the Auto Power Savings option.

5. Finally, choose the Turn off after 4 hours option.

Turn Off Roku TV

Hence, it could be different from other devices to turn off. Users might not be able to turn off their Roku devices as it doesn’t come with a specific power button. You can utilize the settings or remove the power source to turn it off.

Frequently Asked Question

How to turn off Roku without a remote?

You can power off the Roku device without the remote by removing the power source. The other option could be using the Roku smartphone app to turn it off.