Your Roku TV has the Channel Store that allows you to add channels to stream your favorites. As an additional feature, you can find the live TV input on the side panel of your TV. With that, you can connect the best antenna to stream the local channels live for free. Moreover, streaming local channels is free with a connecting antenna. Once you connect the antenna to Roku TV brands like on, Hisense, Sharp, Insignia, TCL, etc., you can scan for channels and stream your favorite over-the-air channels.

How to Scan for Channels on Roku TV with Antenna

As mentioned earlier, scanning channels on Roku TV is similar to all Roku TV models. Below are the steps to scan for channels in TCL TVs and other Roku TV models that have the same interface.

1. First, connect the coaxial cable of your Antenna to the Ant/Cable In connector at the back of your Roku TV.

connect Antenna to Roku TV

2. Make sure it is secured tightly.

3. Click the Home button on your Roku TV remote.

4. Next, hit the Antenna TV option.

hit the Antenna TV option

5. Click the Start Finding Channels option.

Click the Start Finding Channels

6. Choose No, channels 3 & 4 are not needed.

Choose No, channels 3 & 4 are not needed

7. In Step 2, antenna channels will start to scan.

8. Once the scanning is complete, your device will start scanning for cable TV channels, tap Skip this Step.

Note: Since you have connected an antenna, you need to skip this step.

 tap Skip this Step

9. Finally, you can see the number of local channels found on the screen.

BONUS: Set Up Live TV Pause to Record Local Channels

Once the local channel scanning is complete, you can choose to record the live shows with the Live TV Pause feature.

1. After the channels are scanned, hit the Set up Live TV Pause option.

Hit the Set up Live TV Pause option

2. Live TV pause lets you rewind and playback up to 90 minutes of the current digital channel.

3. Plugin the 16GB or larger USB Drive into your TV and click the Continue button.

4. To use this feature, the entire USB Drive will be reformatted; tap the Retry button.

tap the Retry button

5. Type the code that appears on the screen to reformat your USB drive.

6. Once entered, tap the Ok button.

tap the Ok button

16. After the formatting process is over, you can start streaming your favorite local channels live.

17. To record the shows, tap the Play / Pause button on your remote, and the shows will start to record on the USB Drive.

Note: Your USB Drive must be connected to the USB port while using the Live TV Pause feature. Otherwise, you will not be able to record the live channels.

start streaming channels on Roku TV

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I stream local channels without an antenna?

Yes, there are some apps available on the channel store that lets you stream local channels without an antenna.

2. How to fix Roku TV not finding antenna channels?

To fix Roku TV not finding antenna channels, reboot your Roku TV, update Roku TV, rescan for channels, and factory reset Roku TV. Further, you can also get support from the Roku customer support team.