Roku is the leading media streaming service with a lot of happy uses. This is because this device brings to you one of the best libraries of channels to access. Your Roku Channel Store has a lot of entertainment channels, including popular streaming services and a lot more local channels. In addition, with the intuitive User Interface, it is easy to add channels on Roku. But there are a lot of paid and free channels available on Roku. Since your Roku offers free channels, you can use it to watch your favorite movies and TV Shows for free.

List of Free Roku Channels

The following is the list of the best free channels available on Roku. With the free channels added to Roku, you can easily get access to movies and TV shows. But to stream, you need to connect Roku to a wifi network.

The Roku Channel

Free channels on Roku with The Roku Channel

You might already be familiar with The Roku Channel, as it has one of the best collections of TV channels and movies. It is an official channel from the Roku platform itself. It has content for everyone, including movies, documentaries, kids, shows, and other entertaining shows. Also, you need to watch the Roku Original shows along with 24/7 live news. It also has access to premium subscriptions like Showtime, Starz, and EPIX that you can get added with a subscription.


Free channels on Roku with Tubi

Tubi streams free movies and TV series on your device. You don’t need any subscription to the service, and there are no contracts. It has a variety of different content for everyone in its library. For instance, you can watch award-winning movies, TV series, kid’s shows, classic movies, Korean shows, anime, and British series. The content-rich library made available by the service itself makes it unique and special.


Free channels on Roku with Xumo

Xumo brings to you more than 190 free TV channels that you can watch on your Roku device. Also, it has a worth enough on-demand library, which is rich with exciting titles. It covers sports, news, entertainment, movies, horror, comedy, and much more. The service is owned by Comcast and was founded in 2011. Also, the streaming on the service is based on ads and not on subscriptions. In addition, you can access content from 75 different partner services. The channels in the service can be categorized under News, TV, Movies, Sports, Comedy, Entertainment, Lifestyle, and more.

Pluto TV

Free channels on Roku with Pluto TV

If you are missing out on your favorite TV channels on Roku, you can get them for free using Pluto TV. It is a legal media streaming service that provides more than 100 TV channels for free. Along with that, you can watch thousands of movies for free as well. The application has dedicated sections for different titles, and you can access them with ease. For instance, you can watch sports, news, documentaries, comedy shows, adventure, true crime, lifestyle, and other entertaining shows on the service.


Free channels on Roku with Fawesome

Fawesome, as the name itself suggests, is an awesome media streaming service with movies and TV shows. It is a free channel with HD movies, TV shows, and lifestyle content. The title available on the service can be categorized under 25 different categories, including Action, Comedy, Horror, Thriller, and more. The library is constantly updated every day to ensure that you find something new in the service. It also has shows for kids to keep them engaged. All the titles that are available on the service stream are in High Definition, and you can sync your account across devices.


Free channels on Roku with Stirr

Stirr is a free media streaming service in the Roku Channel Store with more than 120 free TV channels to watch. These TV channels stream movies, music, TV shows, and regional news. The on-demand library has 4000 hours of titles, including classic movies and TV shows. Also, you can find thought-provoking documentaries, music concerts, stand-up specials, and comedy flicks on this application. You won’t miss out on your favorite sports events along with music performances if you have the Stirr app.


Free channels on Roku with Popcornflix

If you are a movie lover with the Roku device, Popcornflix is an application that you should try. Popcornflix is a free movie streaming application that you can find in the Roku Channel Store. Apart from movies, it has a collection of binge-worthy television shows as well. One of the most attractive features of this application is that it has a collection of classic shows along with the latest releases. You can classify the movies available in the application as Blockbusters, Cult Classics, Foreign Films, and TV shows.

Global TV

Free channels on Roku with Global TV

Global TV is one of the most popular applications in Canada. It has content from Global, Food Network, HGTV, Slice, History, Adult Swim, National Geographic, W Network, and Showcase. For the first 7-days since the release of the shows on Global, you can watch them in the app. Also, you can get access to 24/7 local news updates from Canada. It also includes live streaming of your favorite TV channels, which requires a TV service provider to sign in.

Comet TV

Comet TV

Are you a fan of science fiction shows and movies? Comet TV is a channel that is dedicated to you. It has one of the best collections of classic and new horror movies and other Sci-Fi content from the Syfy channel in its early days. It is owned by the Central Television Group and contains horror, adventure, supernatural, fantasy, and more. Most of the titles streaming on the service are from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and United Artists.



If you are looking for an application with exciting TV shows and interesting movies, you need to get Crackle. The app was previously known as Sony Crackle, which was changed to its present name in 2022. It has one of the best collections of Hollywood movies. Moreover, this platform updates its content frequently. For the same reason, you can find something new on the service every time. Also, you can find classic movies collection on the service. It has premium TV shows and movies made available on-demand in its free library.



Newsy is a news streaming service based in the United States and Canada. This platform brings the latest news updates from across the world with detail and accuracy. You can find dedicated news categories like politics, technology, sports, and world news on the application. Moreover, you can find mind-blowing documentaries streaming on the Newsy app.



NewsON is a popular news application that you can find in the Roku Channel Store. Even though the services of NewsOn are free, it has its stations in 200 different locations in the United States. It gives you weather news and traffic updates from your locality in the US. You can find both live and on-demand titles of news broadcasts and other important videos from the United States. Moreover, you can make use of the By Location feature to explore local news from across the United States as well.

Sky News

Sky News

Sky News has always been people’s favorite because of its approach to bringing news events to its users. It is a dedicated 24/7 news broadcast from the United Kingdom. It brings to you the latest news updates along with breaking news and its follow-ups. The channel will keep you updated about the local politics, business, entertainment, and other news events. Moreover, you can watch the live broadcast of the Sky News channel 24/7.

CBS News

Free Channels on Roku with CBS News

Another free news application available in the Roku Channel Store is CBS News. It is a trustworthy application to get the latest news updates along with detailed follow-ups. Whenever there is any breaking news, you can set up push notifications to inform you of the same. It will keep you updated with the latest political, international, and business news through its shows. It has exciting news coverage, Including CBS Mornings, CBS Evening News, 60 Minutes, 48 Hours, CBS Sunday Morning, Face The Nation, and CBS Saturday Morning.

The Weather Network

The Weather Channel

The Weather Network is the free weather update application that you can get on your Roku from the Channel Store. The weather updates from the channel are very accurate and reliable. Making use of your current location, you can get the most accurate forecast for a radius of 1 km. The forecast that you can see on the application is updated every 15 minutes. It gives the forecast about the wind speed, temperature, storm updates, rain updates, and more. In addition, you can see long-term forecasts on the app for the upcoming 14 days so that you can plan your schedule ahead of time.



If you are missing out on your favorite talk shows, then you can watch them for free using Nosey. You can watch shows including Jerry Springer, Steve Wilkos, Blind Date, Povich, Sally Jessy Raphael, and The Trisha Goddard Show on this platform. Nosey is the right application to tune in to if you are bored so that you can enjoy daytime TV and talk shows. You can find all of this content on-demand and watch them whenever you like on your device.



Vevo is an application that will introduce you to the latest music videos and exciting content. It is considered to be one of the biggest music video providers. You can find videos from the hottest artists along with classic collections. You can find daily premieres and performances made available on this application. Users can access the application in the United States, Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Newzealand, Canada, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Mexico. Also, it is completely free to access with no subscription plans or hidden charges. It has all music genres, including Pop, Country, Rock, Classical, Hip Hop, and more.

If you are looking for a free channel for your kids, then you need to get It is a dedicated channel for infants and toddlers with content categorized under different age groups. Your kids can learn alphabets, rhymes, counting, colors, and much more with this app. It has all your kid’s favorite shows, including Paw Patrol, Thomas and Friends, Sunny Bunnies, Mother Goose Club, Garfield, Blippi, and more. Moreover, you can find interesting Roblox and Minecraft videos on the platform.

The CW

Free Channels on Roku The CW

The CW is an American television network that streams in HD. You can access it for free from the Roku Channel Store. Also, you don’t have to sign in to the app to watch the shows from it. You can also access the channel in Canada with paid TV providers. It was launched in 2006 and since has become one of the favorite channels of the users. It makes sure that you are entertained with exciting shows like Riverdale, American, and Kung Fu.



Crunchyroll is one of the most loved anime streaming platforms. It is a freemium application, with the free tier being based on ads. Also, you can only get only SD streaming quality in the free version. Apart from anime, it also has a cool collection of Manga that you can read on your device. Popular shows available on the platform include Attack on Titan, Black Clover, Jujutsu Kaisen, Naruto Shippuden, and The World’s Finest Assassin. Also, the premium version of Crunchyroll has a free 14-day trial.

Glwiz TV


Glwiz TV is a free application available in the Roku Channel Store that gives you access to TV channels, on-demand titles, and radio channels. The library is rich with more than 800 live TV channels from across the world. Also, the app library has more than 50,000 titles from different languages. You can watch content in Persian, Afghan, Turkish, Arabic, Armenian, and Kurdish on Glwiz. The shows available on this platform can be categorized under cultural, educational, musical, and entertaining categories.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is History Channel free on Roku?

You need to sign in with your subscription with a TV Provider in the History app.

2. Are local channels free on Roku?

Yes, the local channels are free to add and stream.

3. Is the Peacock channel free on Roku?

To stream on Peacock, you need a subscription at $4.99 per month.

4. How many free channels are on Roku?

You can find 500+ free channels on the Roku Channel Store.

5. How to watch free live TV on Roku without a cable?

You can connect your Roku to an antenna to watch free live TV.