When you are watching your favorite movie or a TV show on your Roku device late at night, you may fall asleep suddenly without turning off your TV. Here is a solution to turn off your TV screen after a particular time automatically. Yes, you can use the sleep timer function on your Roku TV to power off the TV screen automatically even after you fall asleep.

What is Sleep Timer

Sleep Timer is an advanced feature on your Roku device. When you are watching some of the best channels on Roku, the Sleep timer feature lets you set the timer to power off the TV screen automatically after a certain time. Further, if you wish, you can also change or cancel the sleep timer you set.

How to Set Up Sleep Timer on Roku

There are four methods available to set up the Sleep timer. They are:

Set Sleep Timer from Settings Menu

1. Initially, turn on your Roku and go to the home screen.

2. Scroll down and select Settings.

3. Select the System option on the next screen.

4. Choose the Timer option and click Sleep Timer.

5. Select your preferred time intervals from 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1.5 hours, 2 hours, and 3 hours.

select time to set sleep timer

After that, your Roku TV display will automatically turn off within a specific period of time.

Set Sleep Timer using Shortcut Tile

The Sleep Timer shortcut tile is available at the bottom of the channel grid on the home screen. It is a time-consuming method to set the sleep timer.

1. First, press the Home button on your Roku remote.

2. Press the Right button on your remote and go to the channels grid.

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen.

4. Locate and select the Sleep Timer shortcut tile.

5. Now, you can follow the on-screen prompts and enable the Sleep Timer.

Set Sleep Timer using the Options Menu

If you have connected an external device to your Roku TVs, such as an antenna, a cable set-top box, a game console, or a Blu-ray player to stream music, TV shows, and a movie, you can use the Options menu to set Sleep Timer on your Roku TV.

1. While you stream a movie, press the Asterisk (*) button on your Roku remote.

Press the Asterisk button

2. Select the Sleep Timer option from the popup menu.

3. Choose your preferred time interval to set the sleep timer.

Set Sleep Timer Through Voice Command

Another easy way to set Sleep Timer on Roku is using the voice command. To use the voice command, you can use the Voice button on your Roku remote that you can find on the Roku voice remote and Roku voice remote Pro.

use voice command to set sleep timer

Press the Voice button and say the voice commands as mentioned below.

  • Turn Off the TV in 30 minutes
  • Set Sleep Timer for two
  • Turn off the TV at 10 PM

How to Turn Off Sleep Timer on Roku TV

There are two ways to turn off Sleep Timer on Roku. They are:

  • From Roku Settings
  • Using Roku Voice Remote

Turn off Sleep Timer from Roku Settings

1. Go to Settings from the Roku home screen.

2. Scroll down and choose the System option.

3. Navigate to and select the Timer option.

4. Select Sleep Timer from the left pane and choose the Off option.

Turn Off Sleep Timer Using Roku Remote

1. On your Roku remote, press and hold the Voice button.

2. Issue the command, ‘Turn off Sleep Timer.’

Now, you have successfully turned off the Sleep Timer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I set multiple sleep timers at the same time?

No. Only one sleep timer can be active at any time. But you can cancel or modify the time interval.

2. Why can’t I find the Sleep Timer feature on Roku?

You may not have updated your device to the latest version, and that’s why you can’t find the Sleep Timer feature. So, update Roku to the latest version and get the Sleep Timer feature.