Key Takeaway

  • There are three ways to change your Roku account.
  • Unlink Roku Device: Go to Roku Website >> Log in >> My Account >> Choose your Roku device >> Unlink >> Confirm Unlink.
  • Turn on Guest Mode: Go to Roku home screen >> Open Settings >> System >> Guest Mode  >> Enter Guest Mode >> Enter your Roku PIN >> Click on OK.
  • Factory Reset: Go to Roku home screen >> Open Settings >> System >> Advanced System Settings >> Factory Reset >> Enter your Roku PIN >> Click on OK >> Start Factory Reset.

While setting up Roku, you are required to create a Roku account to activate your device. Also you can create multiple Roku accounts as well. Moreover, every Roku user can change the Roku account associated with their Roku device anytime they want.

How to Change Roku Account

When you set up the Roku device for the first time, you need to create a Roku Account. All the Settings on your device and the channel list will be saved in your account. If you wish to change your Roku account, you have three possible ways to do it.

  • Unlink Roku device
  • Turn on Guest mode
  • Roku factory reset

Unlink Roku Device

You can unlink your Roku device from your account at any time you desire. By unlinking your device, all the channels that you have on your device will be removed as well.

1. On your computer or smartphone, open a web browser.

2. Go to the official website of Roku and log in to your account.

3. Go to the My Account section on the webpage.

4. Scroll down and go to the My Linked Devices section. From there, choose the Roku device you wish to change the associated account.

5. Click on the Unlink option that appears on your screen.

how to change Roku account: Unlink Roku account

6. Once again, confirm the selection to unlink your Roku device associated with your Roku account.

7. After unlinking your device, log out and log in to your alternative Roku account.

8. Click on the Profile icon and choose the My Account option.

9. Scroll down and hit the Link a device button under the My linked devices section.

10. After that, you can follow the on-screen prompts to link the Roku device with your new Roku account.

Finally, you have changed your Rou account associated with your Roku device.

Turn on Guest Mode

Guest mode is a new feature on your updated Roku device. With this feature, you can give access to your Roku device to your guests. While you’re on guest mode, they can log in with your Roku account and stream their favorite shows. Also, you can make use of the guest mode to log in with your alternative Roku account.

1. From the Roku home screen, open Settings.

2. On the menu, scroll to the System option and select it.

3. Click on the Guest Mode option on the menu.

4. Further, select the Enter Guest Mode option.

5. In the given field, enter your Roku PIN and press the OK button.

Enter Roku Guest Mode to change Roku account

6. Finally, you are in the Guest Mode of your Roku device.

Now, you can log in with your alternative Roku account or let your guest do it.

Does Factory Reseting Roku Helps to Change Roku Account

We already know a factory reset will remove all the saved apps and settings on your device. At the same time, it will log you out of your Roku account. Therefore, it is a helpful method of changing your account. You can also perform a factory reset on your Roku device as follows.

1. From the home screen of your Roku device, open Settings.

Select Settings

2. Navigate to and select the System option on the settings menu.

Select System

3. Select the Advanced System Settings option and then the Factory Reset option.

Select Factory Reset

4. Enter the code displayed on the screen and select the OK button.

Select OK

5. Next, Select the Start Factory Reset option on the popup on your screen.

Select Start Factory Reset - Change Roku Account

6. This will take your Roku device to its Factory Settings.

7. When the Factory Reset is complete, you will be required to activate your Roku once again.

8. At this stage, you can activate your device with your alternative Roku account.

Thus factory resetting Roku helps you in changing your Roku account.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to change the Roku language?

You can change the language on Roku from Settings > System > System > Language.

2. How to change the Roku device name?

Go to the official website of Roku and sign in with your account. Then go to the My accounts and scroll down to the My linked devices section. From there, find your Roku device and hit the Edit option. Now, you can update your Roku device’s name from there.