Starz is an American premium cable service channel and a standalone streaming service delivering on-demand content on a subscription basis. It is available on Roku Channel Store. But as we all know, not every channel is for everyone, and some would like to cancel the service in the midway. It is possible to cancel the Starz subscription on Roku.

How to Cancel Starz on Roku

To cancel the Starz subscription on your Roku, you can do it using three different ways.

How to Cancel Starz using the Official Website

Users can visit the official site of Starz and cancel their subscriptions using the web browser.

1: On a web browser, visit the Starz website.

Settings on Starz website

2: Log in with your account credentials on the website.

3: Under the account section, click Settings > My Subscription options.

4: In the next step, select the Cancel Subscription option below.

Cancel Starz subscription

5: Select a reason for your cancellation and click the Continue Cancellation button.

Continue Cancellation Starz

Now you have successfully canceled your subscription to the Starz service.

How to Cancel Starz using Roku Device

If the subscription is purchased on the Roku device, you could cancel the subscription on the Roku device itself.

1: Turn on your Roku device and press the Home button on the Roku remote.

2: Navigate and highlight the Starz app on the home screen.

3: Now press the * (Asterisk) button on the remote to open the app’s sub-menu.

4: From the sub-menu, choose the Manage subscription option.

Manage Subscription of Starz

5: Then click the Cancel Subscription option.

Cancel Subscription of Starz

6: In the next step, select the Cancel subscription again for confirmation and terminate your Starz subscription.

How to Cancel Starz using Roku Website

You can also cancel the Starz subscription on the Roku website. Make sure you log in to the same Roku account.

1: Open the web browser and visit the Roku website [].

2: Click the Sign in button on the website and sign in with your Roku account.

Sign in Roku website

3: Now, go to the Manage account option on the website and select the Manage your subscriptions option.

Manage your subscriptions

4: In the next step, select Starz from the list of subscriptions.

5: After selecting, click the Unsubscribe option to cancel the subscription.

6: Click the Done option after canceling the subscription on the website.

How to Cancel Starz from a pay-TV Provider

Some users get Starz from pay-TV service providers to stream on Roku. The pay-TV providers distributing Starz TV are AT&T, DirecTV, and Dish. To cancel Starz from such services, you have to contact the service providers and request cancellation of the premium channel.

Frequently Asked Question

What channels are the best alternatives for Starz on Roku?

Vudu, HBO Max, and Apple TV+ are the best alternatives for Starz to watch movies and series on Roku.