Key Takeaway

  • Cancel SHOWTIME TV on Roku: Highlight SHOWTIME app → Press * (Asterisk) button → Click Manage Subscription → Cancel Subscription → Done.
  • Cancel on Roku Website: Visit Roku Website → Sign in  Manage your subscription → Select SHOWTIME → Unsubscribe → Done.
  • Cancel on Official Website: SHOWTIME website → Sign in Click Profile  Select Settings  Your Account Cancel Your Subscription Select reason for canceling → Cancel.

SHOWTIME is a streaming service that offers hundreds of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and more in one place. However, if you are not satisfied with the service features or are about to choose another service, you can cancel the subscription to SHOWTIME on Roku with ease. It is mandatory to cancel one’s subscription to avoid further charges. In addition, you can also continue to have access to the service until your subscription period ends.

How to Cancel SHOWTIME on Roku

If you are bored of using SHOWTIME, you can terminate the subscription anytime on your Roku device by three different methods.

How to Cancel SHOWTIME on Roku Device

[1] Launch and connect your Roku device and navigate the device’s home screen.

[2] From there, highlight the SHOWTIME app.

Highlight SHOWTIME app on Roku
[3] Then, press the Asterisk (*) button on your remote control to view more options.

[4] From the list of options, select Manage Subscriptions.

Select Manage Subscription
[5] After that, click Cancel Subscription.

Click Cancel Subscription
[6] To confirm the cancellation, click Cancel Subscription again.

[7] Once selected, finally hit Done to terminate the SHOWTIME subscription on your Roku device.

How to Cancel SHOWTIME Using Roku Website

Besides canceling SHOWTIME on Roku, you can also visit Roku’s official website on your Roku device or other devices to cancel the subscription.

[1] Open any web browser on your device (smartphone/PC) and visit the Roku website [].

[2] Now, sign in to your Roku account with your email and password.

[3] After signing in, go to the Manage account web page and choose Manage your subscriptions option.

Select Manage your subscriptions
[4] Next, pick the Showtime app from the list of active subscriptions.

[5] Finally, click Unsubscribe to end the subscription.

Hit Unsubscribe to cancel SHOWTIME subscription
[6] Further, click Done and exit the website.

How to Cancel SHOWTIME on Official Website

Additionally, the users can also cancel their SHOWTIME subscription from the server’s official website.

[1] Open a web browser and visit SHOWTIME’s official website [].

[2] From the website, input your login credentials and sign in to your SHOWTIME account.

[3] After that, click the Profile at the top-right and select Settings.

Click Settings
[4] Under Settings, scroll down and click the Cancel Your Subscription option from Your Account menu.

Click Cancel Your Subscription to end SHOWTIME subscription
[5] Then, select the reason for canceling the subscription and hit Cancel. Now, the SHOWTIME subscription on your Roku will be terminated.

Click Cancel to terminate the SHOWTIME subscription

Tip! If you’re looking for the best alternative for SHOWTIME, you can add Disney Plus to your Roku device.


Can you get a refund for the SHOWTIME subscription?

No, as per SHOWTIME’s terms of use, all fees are non-refundable. Luckily, after canceling the subscription, you can still access the SHOWTIME platform until the validity expires.