Key Takeaway

  • Cancel Peacock Using Roku device: Highlight the Peacock app >> Press the Asterisk (*) button >> choose Manage Subscription >> Cancel Subscription >> Cancel Subscription.
  • Cancel From Roku Website: Visit the Roku website >> Select the Sign In button >> Provide account credentials >> Select the Account icon >> My Account >> Manage account >> Manage your subscriptions >> Choose Peacock app >> Select Cancel Subscription.
  • Cancel From Peacock Website: Visit Peacock website >> Select Sign In > Sign in to the Peacock account >> Select Profile icon >>  My Accounts >> Plans & Payments >> Change Plan >> Peacock Free.

Peacock TV is a popular streaming service that streams originals, movies, TV shows, and sports. This subscription-based service has plans starting at $4.99 per month. You can install the Peacock TV on Roku and log in to your subscription to watch shows without being interrupted by ads. Users can cancel this Peacock subscription on Roku at any time they desire.

How to Cancel Peacock TV Subscription on Roku

Peacock TV subscribers can adopt three different ways to cancel the Peacock subscription on Roku. The three simple methods include the following.

Cancel Peacock Subscription using Roku Device

The simplest way to cancel the Peacock TV subscription is using the Roku device itself.

1. Connect your Roku to the HDMI port of the TV and turn it on.

2. Further, launch the Roku home screen.

3. Navigate to the Peacock TV channel and highlight it.

4. Press the Asterisk (*) button on the Roku remote.

5. Further, select Manage Subscription and choose the Cancel Subscription option.

Select Cancel Subscription to cancel Peacock subscription

6. Select Cancel Subscription once again to confirm the process.

7. Choose the Done option to finish the cancellation process.

Cancel Peacock TV subscription from Roku Website

The official Roku website will help users with adding apps on Roku. At the same time, Roku users can unsubscribe from apps like Peacock with the website.

1. Turn on a computer and connect the device to the internet.

2. Open any internet browser and go to the Roku website.

Visit Roku website to cancel Peacock subscription

3. Select the Sign in button from the website and sign in to the same Roku account as the device.

4. Select the Manage Accounts option, followed by the Manage your subscriptions option.

Select Manage your Subscriptions

5. From the list, choose the Peacock TV app.

6. Click on the Unsubscribe option and then choose the Yes Unsubscribe option.

7. Finally, the subscription to Peacock TV will be canceled.

Cancel Peacock From the Official Peacock Website

Another useful method to cancel the Peacock subscription is using the Peacock website. Users need to visit the official website to complete the process.

1. Turn on your computer and launch any web browser you like.

2. Using the browser, visit the Peacock website.

Visit Peacock website to cancel subscription

3. Locate the Sign in button and select the icon.

4. Follow the instructions to sign in to your subscription.

Sign in to your Peacock account

5. Select the Profile icon and choose My Accounts.

6. Click the Plans & Payments option.

7. Further, select the Change Plan option.

8. Choose the Peacock Free option and confirm the choice.

9. This will cancel the Peacock TV subscription.

After canceling the subscription, you can also delete the Peacock TV app if you want. You need to select the Remove Channel option for the app to delete the app on your Roku device.