Key Takeaway

  • Cancel Disney Plus on Roku: Highlight the Disney + >> Press Asterisk (*) button >> choose Manage Subscription >> Cancel Subscription >> Cancel Subscription.
  • Cancel from Disney Plus Website: Visit the Disney Plus website >> Log in to your Disney Plus account >> Choose Profile >>Account >> subscription >> Cancel Subscription.

Users of Disney Plus should renew their subscription every month or every year because it is a subscription-based service. The option to cancel the Disney Plus subscription is available to subscribers anytime. If users haven’t been using the Disney Plus application lately, they can terminate their subscription.

How to Cancel Disney Plus on Roku

There are three methods available for canceling your Disney Plus subscription and they are:

Cancel Disney Plus using Roku Device

The easiest way for Roku users to cancel their subscription to any app is by using the Roku device itself.

1. Turn on Roku and launch to the home screen of the device.

2. Select the Disney+ app from the list of available channels.

3. On the remote, press the Asterisk (*) button.

4. Select Manage Subscription from the screen’s pop-up menu.

Select Manage subscription

5. Choose the Cancel Subscription option from the screen.

Select Cancel subscription for Disney Plus on Roku

6. Select Cancel Subscription once more to finalize the cancellation of your Disney Plus membership.

Cancel Disney Plus from Roku Website

The official Roku Channel Store website has the feature to let users cancel subscriptions from apps. All they need to do is sign in to the same Roku account on the official Roku website.

1. Launch the web browser on your PC and go to the official Roku official website.

2. To finish the sign-in procedure, select the Sign In option and enter your account information.

Sign in to your account

3. At the top of the website, locate and select the Account icon.

4. Click the My Account option.

5. Select Manage your subscriptions from the Manage account section.

Select Manage your subscriptions to cancel the Disney Plus subscription

6. From the list of Active Subscriptions, click the Disney Plus app.

7. Finally, select the Cancel Subscription option on the screen.

Cancel Disney Plus from Disney Website

Subscribers of Disney Plus can cancel their subscriptions on the official Disney Plus website.

1. Visit the Disney Plus website on your PC or smartphone using the browser.

2. Log in to your account with the subscription credentials.

Sign in to your account

3. Next, choose your Profile and select Account.

4. From the section named Subscription, choose your Disney+ subscription.

5. Next, choose the Cancel Subscription option.

6. If you wish, share your cancellation reason in the prompt.

7. Finally, the Disney Plus subscription is canceled.

Frequently Asked Question

How to remove Disney Plus from Roku?

After canceling the Disney Plus subscription, you can delete or remove the Disney Plus app. To remove Disney Plus on Roku, highlight the app from the home screen > Press the * button in the remote > Select Remove Channel.