Google TV and Roku are the two main devices competing in the streaming service war. All the top streaming services, including Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Paramount+, and Hulu, are available on these devices. Users won’t be let down by these devices when it comes to streaming capabilities. Let’s contrast Google TV vs Roku

Comparison of Google TV vs Roku

Users may have to take a lot of things into account when choosing a streaming device. They can make decisions and select the best gadget based on various criteria. To make the process easier, we have contrasted these gadgets.

Streaming Device4K Video QualityDolby AtmosSideloadingPrivate ListeningSmartphone App IntegrationVoice AssistantPrice
Roku Express❌❌❌✅❌❌Check Price
Roku Express 4K✅❌❌✅✅✅Check Price
Roku Streaming Stick 4K✅✅❌✅✅✅Check Price
Roku Streaming Stick 4K+✅❌❌✅✅✅Check Price
Roku Ultra✅✅❌✅✅✅Check Price
Roku Streambar✅✅❌✅✅✅Check Price
Roku Streambar Pro✅✅❌✅✅✅Check Price
Chromecast With Google TV 4K✅✅✅❌✅✅Check Price

User Interface

Roku offers a user interface that is simpler than those of the majority of streaming devices. Roku is easy to use because of this simple interface. There are no bothersome commercials on the Roku home screen. Users can locate apps they have downloaded from the Channel Store among the tabs on the home screen. Some Roku users find this straightforward design unappealing as it lacks many customization possibilities.

Roku interface

The way Google TV integrates all of your favorite subscriptions, movies, TV series, and general watch history into the home screen experience is one of its enticing aspects. The user interface is more attractive, lively, and engaging. A list of genre-based movie and TV show recommendations may be found on the For You tab of the user interface.

Google TV interface
ParametersGoogle TVRoku
Home ScreenLively with recommendations for TV shows and moviesSimple and Plain with blocks of apps
Ad-supportFewer Ads in the interfaceNo ad-interruptions
CustomizationMore customizable optionsLesser customizable options


More than 6,500 streaming apps are available on Google TV, which is an Android-based platform. Important services like Netflix, Spotify, Sling TV, YouTube TV, and others are included. Users can download more apps from the Google Play Store in addition to those that come pre-installed. The service allows for sideloading in order to expand the platform’s app selection.

Roku Channel Store

More than 20,000 apps are available in the Roku Channel Store. This covers both on-demand streaming services like Prime Video, Peacock TV, HBO Max, and DirecTV Stream, as well as live TV. Therefore, the platform gives users unlimited entertainment through the content of various genres. On Roku, users cannot sideload apps, though.

Google TV Play Store
ParametersGoogle TVRoku
App StoreGoogle Play StoreRoku Channel Store
No. of Entertainment Channels6500+20000+
Best AppsNetflix
YouTube TV
Peacock TV
Sling TV


When choosing the ideal gadget, the cost is a key consideration. Some users expect expensive devices, while others want inexpensive devices. Both expensive and affordable variants are available in the Roku product line. In light of the functionality offered, Google TV is a highly affordable streaming gadget.

Chromecast With Google TV 4K$39.98Buy Now
Chromecast With Google TV HD$29.85Buy Now
Roku Express$17.99Buy Now
Roku Express 4K$36.54Buy Now
Roku Premiere$30.94Buy Now
Roku Ultra$65.99Buy Now
Roku Streaming Stick$67.00Buy Now
  Roku Streambar$79.99Buy Now
Roku Streambar Pro$508.15Buy Now
Roku Streaming Stick+$89.99Buy Now


Roku devices come with different models of remotes. Some of them are classic infrared remotes, while others are remotes that connect with Bluetooth. The remotes come with all basic buttons along with a few dedicated buttons. Some Roku remotes support the voice control feature for users to get a better streaming experience.

Roku remote

Google TV comes with an attractive voice-enabled remote. In addition to the basic buttons, the remote includes a voice button and dedicated buttons for streaming services. This attractive remote supports Bluetooth connectivity and support for Google Assistant.

Google TV Voice Remote
RemoteConnectivityChannel Shortcut buttonsPrivate ListeningVoice SupportLost Remote FinderCompatible Devices
Roku Simple RemoteInvisible Infrared (IR) LightPresentAbsentAbsentAbsentRoku TV, Roku Express, Roku Premier, and Roku Streaming Sticks
Roku Voice RemoteWireless NetworkPresentPresentPresentPresent Roku TV, Roku Streambar, Roku Smart Soundbar, Roku Express, and more
Roku Enhanced Voice RemoteWireless NetworkPresentPresentPresentPresent Roku TV, Roku Streambar, Roku Smart Soundbar, Roku Express, and more
Roku Enhanced Voice Remote ProWireless NetworkPresentPresentPresentPresent Roku TV, Roku Streambar, Roku Smart Soundbar, Roku Express, and more
Google TV RemoteBluetooth 4.0 and IR transmitterPresentAbsentPresentAbsentChromecast with Google TV

Smartphone App

In the event that the device’s remote is misplaced, the Roku app might be of tremendous assistance. The app has every fundamental control feature. Additionally, it offers users features like private listening. Using the remote app, users may also download and install apps on the device. Both the Android and iOS platforms support the remote app.

Google TV remote app

The Google TV official app can replace the function of the remote control. Users may find fantastic material to watch owing to an integrated remote in the app. It can also be used as a keyboard substitute to quickly type passwords and enter search terms for content. More than 700000 movies and TV episodes are available for users to browse on various apps. Users can find new titles based on suggestions, and all the content is arranged according to the genre.

Roku remote app
FeatureRokuGoogle TV
FormMobile App
(Play Store and App Store)
Mobile App
(Play Store and App Store)
Remote InterfaceSupportedSupported
Private ListeningSupportedNot Supported
Voice ControlSupportedSupported
App InstallationSupportedSupported

Voice Control

For hassle-free operation, voice control has become a crucial feature in TV remotes. Voice control is supported by Roku devices in its remote variants. The Google TV remote also falls under this category. Users can look up and play movies and TV shows using the voice feature that is available. Additionally, it assists users in swiftly changing the device’s settings.

Google TV Voice control
FeatureRokuGoogle TV
Remote ModelsRoku Voice Remote, Roku Enhanced Voice Remote, and Roku Enhanced Voice Remote Pro,Google TV remote
Voice ButtonAvailableAvailable
Control playbackCan control playbackCan control playback
Voice AssistantsAlexa and Google AssistantGoogle Assistant


Roku provides an extensive selection of games in the Channel Store. It is completely free to download and play a lot of games from the Store. Some games are premium ones, while a few others come with add-ons. At the same time, Google TV provides superior gaming options. The device offers to sideload and cast extra games.

FeatureGoogle TVRoku
Game CategoriesArcade games, Casual games, Offline shooting games, Action games, Racing games, Puzzle games, and Karaoke gamesBoard Games, Card Games, Vintage Games, Arcade Games, and Puzzles.
Game SourceGoogle Play StoreRoku Channel Store
Sideload GamesCan sideload appsCan’t sideload apps
Popular GamesCrossyroad, Orbia: Tap and Relax, Crush Your Enemies, Just Dance Now, Alien Invaders,Air Hockey, Anna Montana, Galaga, Super Stickman Golf, and Video Poker.

Google TV vs Roku: Conclusion

It is hard to come to a conclusion after comparing devices like Google TV vs Roku. Because of its highly customizable home screen and other features, Google TV is a preferable option. Choose Google TV if you want a device that integrates Google Home and supports Google Assistant. One of the best Google ecosystem additions could be this device. At the same time, Roku is a simpler choice with a bigger channel lineup. It is also easier to use and stream content.