Fox News is one of the mainstream news outlets in the United States. The app gives users access to the most recent news updates through the latest headlines, live news, podcasts, radio, and sports. Try these troubleshooting steps if the Fox News app on Roku is not working properly.

How to Fix Fox News on Roku Not Working

The Fox News app doesn’t come up with frequent issues on the Roku device. Still, users have reported some errors that they face in the service. The issues faced by different users might be different, as well as the causes. So, let’s discuss the possible errors with the app and the relevant fixing measures.

Fox News Live Stream Not Working on Roku

One of the common issues with Fox News on Roku is the issue that the live stream of the app is not working. If you come across the same issue, fix it as follows.


  • Server issues
  • Corrupted data in the app
  • Issues during app installation


In case you can’t access the live stream of Fox News on your device, try these fixing measures.

1. Close the Fox News App

If users face issues with the live Fox News stream, they need to simply close the app on Roku. After closing the app, they can open it back from the home screen. Check if the issue with the Fox News app persists even after opening it. If so, move on to the next step.

2. Uninstall the Fox News App

Another useful method to fix the Fox News app live stream not working issue is to uninstall the app on Roku. The users then need to re-install the Fox News app on Roku from the Channel Store.

1. Launch the Roku home screen and highlight the Fox News app.

2. Press the Asterisk button on the remote.

3. On the menu, choose the Remove Channel button.

Remove Fox News from Roku if it is not working

4. This will remove the Fox News app.

5. Once again, install the Fox News app on Roku from the Channel Store.

Fox News Channel Playback Issues

The playback issues on Fox News refer to difficulties with playing a specific video, all videos, poor video quality, and frequent buffering of the app. So, users need to follow these fixing measures.


  1. Server Issues
  2. Issues with connectivity


If there are issues with the server or internet, users might face issues with buffering. These issues can be fixed with the following measures.

1. Check for Server Issues

The most important reason for the mistake with apps like Fox News is a server outage. Users must ascertain whether the downtime of the Fox News server is related to maintenance or something other causes. To check for Fox News server troubles, use websites like Downdetector. Users are unable to resolve this problem by themselves. Fox News developers are in charge of resolving the server issues.

Check if Fox News on Roku not working because of server issues

2. Restart Wi-Fi Router

If the internet is unstable, apps on the Roku device could stream slowly. The Fox News app on Roku frequently freezes and buffers. To fix the issue, users should restart the Wi-Fi router.

Restart Wi-Fi router

1. Remove the power cable of the Roku from the socket.

2. Keep the device unplugged for at least 10 minutes.

3. Connect the Roku device back to the power source.

4. Next, connect the device back to the Wi-Fi and stream Fox News.

Fox News Channel Audio Issues

The Fox News app might come up with frequent audio issues. In that case, users can fix it with some basic troubleshooting methods.


  • Volume is set to mute
  • Audio cables are damaged


To fix the Volume errors, try these fixing measures.

1. Initially, check the volume and mute settings of your device.

2. Adjust the volume to a level that is clearly audible and turn off the mute function.

3. Check if the audio cables are properly connected.

Connect the audio cables properly

4. Replace the cables with newer ones if they are damaged.

Can’t Run Fox News Channel

Some users of fox News have come across an error message on the screen that says ‘Can’t run channel‘ or ‘Insufficient Memory‘. In both cases, users need to try these fixing measures.


  1. Pending Software Updates
  2. Cache on Roku


All Fox News Users should follow these troubleshooting measures if they come across the above error message.

1. Clear Cache on Roku

One of the best ways to solve problems with the Fox News app on Roku devices is to clear the cache.

1. Press the Home button on the Roku remote five times.

2. Press the Up button just once.

3. Next, press the Rewind button twice.

4. Finally, press the Fast Forward button twice.

Clear Cache if Fox News on Roku not working

5. This will start to clear the cache on Roku.

2. Update Roku

If there is any awaiting Roku software update, it can affect the streaming of Fox News Roku. Therefore, users must update their devices regularly to make the streaming better. 

1. Launch the Roku home screen and open the Roku Settings menu.

2. Select the System option in the menu.

3. Choose the System Update option.

Click on System Update

4. Click Check Now option followed by Download and install.

5. Wait for the Roku update to complete.

6. Open the Fox News app and try streaming any content from the app.

3. Reset Roku

Resetting a Roku device to factory settings could be a very effective troubleshooting technique. By resetting Roku, the users will lose all the apps and settings. Further, the process will also remove any bugs causing issues in the service helping users stream Fox News.

1. Launch the Roku home screen and open Settings.

2. Select the System option followed by the Advanced System Settings option.

3. Next, choose the Factory Reset option.

4. Provide the Roku PIN in the respective field.

5. Select OK. This will start to reset Roku.

6. Once done, set up the Roku device and install the Fox News app.

7. Further, Sign in to the Fox News account and check if issues exist with streaming.

Contact Customer Support

It’s possible that Fox New’s problems won’t be resolved by the troubleshooting suggestions in the section above. Users should get in touch with Fox News Customer Support. Contact Roku Support if you think the problem may be with the Roku device.

All Roku users should try these troubleshooting methods to resolve the Fox News on Roku not working issue. Users might know additional troubleshooting fixes. In that case, suggest any potential fixes in the comments section. Moreover, leave a comment if none of these solutions succeed in resolving the problem.