Key Takeaway

  • Get a subscription from Disney Plus
  • Add Disney Plus Channel: Select Streaming ChannelsSearch Channels → Search Disney PlusAdd Channel
  • Add Disney Plus channel from Roku Website: Go to Roku official websiteSign In → Search Disney Plus → Click Add ChannelUpdate Roku

Disney Plus is a streaming service that is available in countries like the United States, UK, India, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, Japan, Brazil, and more. It offers you content in different genres like Action, Comedy, Romance, Mystery, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, and a lot more. You can watch TV shows like Bluey, The Orville, High School Musical, MS. Marvel, Obi-Wan-Kenobi, Moon Knight, House of the Dragon, and more. You can also watch TV channels like Star World, ABC Studios, SHOWTIME, Foxlife, HBO, Star Sports, and more. Even you can get the services of Disney Plus on Roku by adding it from the channel store.

Features of Disney Plus

  • You can stream exclusive originals from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and more.
  • You can stream Disney Plus using your account on 4 devices simultaneously
  • You can watch movies, TV shows, and more in different video qualities like 480p, 720p, 1080p, and 4K.
  • Allows you to stream select titles in IMAX using the IMAX Enhanced aspect ratio.

Is Disney Plus on Roku?

Yes, Disney Plus is available on Roku. It is compatible with Roku models like Roku 1, Roku 2, Roku 3, Roku 4, Roku Express, Roku Express +, Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere +, Roku TV, Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Ultra, and Roku Ultra LT.

How Much is Disney Plus on Roku

The following are the two subscription plans offered by Disney Plus:

  • Monthly Plan – $7.99 per month
  • Yearly Plan – $79.99 per year

How to Sign Up for Disney Plus

1. From your Smartphone or PC, go to the Disney Plus official website.

2. Scroll down to Choose Your Plan section.

3. Choose the Plan you want and click on Get Disney+.

Select Get Disney+ to stream Disney Plus on Roku

4. Enter your email address on the new page and select Agree & Continue.

Select Agree & Continue

5. On the Create a password page, enter your Password and click on Continue.

Select Continue to stream Disney Plus on Roku

6. On the Start Streaming today page, enter your bank details and select Agree & Subscribe.

Select Agree & Subscribe

7. After a successful transaction is made, you will be subscribed to Disney Plus.

How to Get Disney Plus on Roku

1. Power on your Roku device and press the Home button on your Roku remote.

2. Select Streaming Channels on the home screen.

Select Streaming Channels to stream Disney Plus on Roku

3. Click on Search Channels and search for Disney Plus using the on-screen keys.

Enter Disney Plus

4. From the search results, choose the Disney Plus channel.

5. Select the Add Channel button and click on the OK button from the prompt once the adding process gets complete.

6. After that, click on the Go to Channel button to launch the Disney Plus channel.

Alternative Method to Add Disney Plus on Roku

1. From your Smartphone or PC, open a web browser.

2. Visit the official website of the Roku Channel Store.

3. Click on Sign in. Type your Roku Email ID and Password, and select Submit.

Select Submit

4. Once you have signed in to your account, click on Search channels and enter Disney Plus. Next, search for the Disney Plus channel.

5. From the search results, choose the Disney Plus channel.

Select Disney Plus

6. Select the Add channel button and request to add the channel.

Select Add Channel to stream Disney Plus on Roku

After the request is made, you can update Roku to get the channel immediately added to your channel’s list.

How to Log In and Stream Disney Plus on Roku

1. Launch the Disney Plus channel.

2. Select the Log In button and enter your credentials to log in to your account.

3. Next, play any movie or TV show and watch it on Roku.

Stream Disney Plus on Roku

How to Cancel Disney Plus Subscription on Roku

1. On your Roku home screen, select the Right Arrow button on your remote and navigate to the Disney Plus channel.

2. Press the Asterisk (*) button on your remote.

3. From the list of available options, select Manage Subscription.

Select Manage Subscription

4. Click on Cancel Subscription. Now you have canceled your Disney Plus subscription.

Select Cancel Subscription to stream Disney Plus on Roku

How to Uninstall Disney Plus on Roku

1. From the channel’s grid, select the Disney Plus channel.

2. On your Roku remote, press the Asterisk (*) button.

Press the Asterisk button

3. On the window that appears, select the Remove channel option.

Select Remove Channel

4. Confirm the selection if required.

Finally, the Disney Plus channel will be removed.

How to Solve Disney Plus Not Working Issue on Roku

Below are the methods to solve Disney Plus not working issue:

  • Check your internet connection
  • Uninstall and Reinstall the Disney Plus app
  • There are possibilities where loads of cache stored on your Roku may have caused the Disney Plus app not to work. So, clear cache on Roku and check if it has fixed the issue.
  • Sign out of your Disney Plus account, and after a few minutes, sign in with the same account.
  • Restart your Roku device and clear the bugs on your Roku device, if any.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why can’t I find Disney Plus on Roku?

If you can’t find it on Roku, then try updating your Roku device. Now, you will find the channel on your Roku device.

2. How to update Disney Plus on Roku?

Go to the Disney Plus channel and press the * star button on your remote. Select Check for updates on the window that appears. If there is an update available, your Roku device will automatically update the channel.