Key Takeaway

  • The Deezer app was removed from the channel store in late 2021.
  • Screen Mirror Deezer from Android Devices: Install and Launch the Deezer app >> Sign In >> Play any music >> Open Notification Panel >> Tap on Cast >> Choose Roku device.
  • Screen Mirror Deezer from iOS Devices: Go to Control Center >> Tap Screen Mirroring >> Select Roku Device >> Open the Deezer app >> Log In. Stream your favorite music on Roku.

Deezer is one of the leading music streaming platforms with more than 90 million songs that you can choose from. It also hosts interesting podcasts that you can tune into. Moreover, you also can also listen to your favorite music with the Deezer app on Roku.

How Much is Deezer on Roku

You can access music and podcasts from Deezer only with a subscription. The subscription plans offered by Deezer are:

Subscription PlanMonthly Subscription Cost
Family Plan$14.99
Premium Plan$9.99
Student Plan$4.99

How to Sign Up With Deezer

To create an account on Deezer, you need to be at least 16 years of age. Follow these instructions to get a Deezer account.

1. Using a web browser, visit

2. Type in your email address in the respective field and double-check it.

3. Type in the Username and Password for your account.

4. Next, enter your identity and your age in the respective fields.

5. Finally, select the Sign Up option.

After that, choose a subscription plan and follow the on-screen prompts to subscribe to Deezer.

Can You Get Deezer on Roku

Deezer used to have an official application available on Roku, which was later removed from the service in late 2021. Therefore, you can’t install the app from the Channel Store on your device. So, the only option available to you is screen mirroring the Deezer app to Roku from Android devices like smartphones and tablets or iOS devices like iPhone and iPad.

How to Screen Mirror Deezer on Roku

The following methods will help you with screen mirroring the Deezer app to Roku.

Screen Mirror Deezer From Android Devices

1. Turn on the Screen Mirroring feature on your Roku.

2. Connect your Android device to the wifi network that you have connected the Roku device with.

3. Open the Play Store of your Android device and install the Deezer app.

4. Open the Deezer app and sign in to your subscription account.

5. Tap the Cast icon after launching the Notification Panel of your Android device.

6. Select your Roku device from the list of devices that appears on the screen.

7. Finally, you can enjoy playing music or other podcasts from Deezer on your TV.

Tap the cast icon

Screen Mirror Deezer From iOS Devices

1. Make sure that you connect your iOS device to the same wifi network that the Roku device is connected with.

2. Ensure that you have enabled AirPlay on Roku.

3. Install the Deezer app from the App Store.

4. Launch the Deezer app and Sign in to your account.

5. Go to the Control Centre of your iOS device and tap the Screen Mirroring icon on it.

Deezer on Roku

6. From the scanned devices list, select your Roku device.

7. Now, you can see your iOS device’s screen mirrored to Roku.

8. Return to the Deezer app and stream your favorites on Roku.

Screen Mirror Deezer to Roku from Windows PC

1. First, make sure that you have connected your Roku and Windows PC to the same wifi network.

2. Next, go to a web browser and visit the official website of Deezer.

3. Sign in with your subscription account.

4. Next, press the Windows+ K keys on your keyboard simultaneously.

5. Now, the Connect window will appear on the screen. From there, select your Roku device.

Select Roku

6. After that, you can screen mirror your favorite songs from the Deezer webpage to Roku.

That’s all, guys! With these methods, you can enjoy streaming your favorite music on Roku in 185+ countries that include the United States, Canada, Ireland, Newzealand, Australia, and more.


1. What are the best alternatives to Deezer?

You can check out the other best music streaming platforms like Spotify and Amazon Music, if the Deezer platform doesn’t come up with your expectation.