Especially when it comes to screensavers, the Roku streaming media player offers a wide range of customizable options. The service provides a large selection of the finest screensavers for Roku. On Roku, there are more than a thousand screensavers available in various categories. So let’s compare the best screensaver available on the Roku device.

Best Roku Screensaver

The screensaver is whatever appears on the screen when the device is inactive for some period. The Roku logo serves as the screensaver of the device by default. However, Roku has a decent selection of screensavers in the Channel Store.

ScreensaverDescriptionChannel Store
Fireflies Screensaver FreeA customizable screensaver that displays fireflies, sakura, and bubblesChannel Link
Aquarium ScreensaverA colorful and vibrant ocean-themed screensaverChannel Link
Beauty wild natureThe best screensaver with HD and 4K images of gorgeous landscapesChannel Link
Screensaver CollectionA multi-themed screensaver with more than 20,000 imagesChannel Link
Neon Party Games ScreensaverA game-themed colorful, and vibrant screensaverChannel Link
Floating CirclesA vibrant screensaver with variously colored circles floating across your screenChannel Link
HD Screensavers FreeMulti-themed HD screensaver with thousands of imagesChannel Link
Quotes from ShakespeareA screensaver that features famous quotes from William Shakespeare’s numerous plays Channel Link
City Stroll: SkylineA glowing screensaver that features bright lights of the city skylineChannel Link
RelaxTubeA nature-themed screensaver with audio supportChannel Link

Fireflies Screensaver Free

Fireflies Screensaver is a free screensaver in the Channel Store with customizable options. This aesthetic screensaver is one of the best choices for a screensaver for the device.

Fireflies Screensaver Free
Channel Store Rating4.2
Customizable OptionsAnimation, Time, and Font
BackgroundUpdated by the service frequently
Screensaver featuresFireflies, Sakura, or Bubbles
 Fireflies Screensaver Free Best Roku Screensaver

Aquarium Screensaver

With the Aquarium Screen Saver, your television transforms into a serene aquarium. You’ll feel that the TV screen is a magnificent live oil painting filled with many kinds of tropical fish. Additionally, it has screensavers of vibrant and lively coral reefs.

Aquarium Screensaver
Channel Store Rating3.9
ThemeOcean and aquatic life
Customizable OptionsAvailable
BackgroundColorful and vibrant
Screensaver featuresTropical fishes and Coral reeves
Aquarium Screensaver Best Roku Screensaver

Beauty wild nature

A screensaver with a gorgeous collection of landscapes is Beauty wild nature. The backgrounds in the screensaver are the finest picture qualities like HD and 4K. The device offers an enormous selection of screensavers.

Beauty wild nature
Channel Store Rating3.8
Customizable OptionsAvailable
BackgroundOver 1000 images
Screensaver featuresLakes, Mountains, Waterfalls, Rivers, Green meadows, and more
Beauty wild nature Best Roku Screensaver

Screensaver Collection

Screensaver Collection is an important screensaver in the Roku Channel Store with the best collection of images. In total, users can find over 20,000 screensavers in the app. Also, users can add more screensaver images to the service.

Screensaver Collection
Channel Store Rating3
ThemeMulti-themed (Aquarium, Animals, Christmas, Halloween, Buildings, Art, and more)
Customizable OptionsWeather reports and weather forecasts
BackgroundOver 20,000 images
Screensaver featuresAdd new images to the collection from Google Photos
Screensaver Collection Best Roku Screensaver

Neon Party Games Screensaver

The Neon Party Games Screensaver for Roku is stylish and amazing. It includes an unending game of Puck CPU vs. CPU. Five additional minigames are supported by this vibrant neon screensaver.

Channel Store Rating4.1
ThemeNeon-themed minigames
Customizable OptionsChoose between 4 different minigames
Screensaver featuresStylish, colorful, and vibrant
Best Roku Screensaver Neon Party Games Screensaver

Floating Circles

Roku offers Floating Circles, a straightforward and eye-catching screensaver. Transparent circles with pastel color fillings are included in the screensaver. Users can select from a variety of colors, including blue, yellow, red, green, and others, while these circles move around the screen.

Floating Circles
Channel Store Rating4.1
Customizable OptionsCustomizable color options are available
BackgroundPastel-colored circles floating across the screen
Screensaver featuresA vivid and vibrant screensaver
Floating Circles Best Roku Screensaver

HD Screensavers Free

More than 200 gorgeous HD screensavers are available in this screensaver on Roku. There are thousands of images in the screensavers, and new ones are uploaded every week. The software offers a variety of screensavers, each with a unique theme.

HD Screensaver HD
Channel Store Rating4.1
Theme Multi-themed (Nature, Animals, Sports, Holidays, Events, and more)
Customizable OptionsNot available
Background200 HD images
HD Screensavers Free Best Roku Screensaver

Quotes from Shakespeare

The Quotes from Shakespeare screensaver displays some famous quotes from the various plays of William Shakespeare. The screensaver includes both famous and not-so-famous quotes, followed by the name of the play and the character in the play.

Quotes From Shakespeare
Channel Store Rating4.3 stars
Customizable OptionsColor scheme and speed
BackgroundColors with quotes from plays
Screensaver features300 greatest quotes from popular plays by Shakespeare
Best Roku Screensaver Quotes from Shakespeare

City Stroll: Skyline

The City Stroll: Skyline screensaver features a night-themed city sky view. This impressive city night skyline-based screensaver will make your mood calm. When your Roku is not in use, the screensaver plays a slideshow of animated cityscapes.

City Stroll: Skyline
Channel Store Rating4.2 stars
ThemeCity skyline
Customizable OptionsNot customizable options
BackgroundNight city skyline
Screensaver featuresAnimated city skyscapes
City Stroll: Skyline Best Roku Screensaver


RelaxTube is a relaxing screensaver that comes with the best nature sounds. The screensaver features relaxing waterfalls, rain sounds, river streams, fireplaces, ocean waves, and more. The screensaver offers users a new level of stress management.

Channel Store Rating3.7 stars
Customizable OptionsNo customizable options
ThemeNature-themed screensavers with audio
Background Waterfalls, Rain sounds, River streams, Birds, Fireplaces, and Ocean waves
RelaxTube Best Roku Screensaver

With that information, you are aware of the best Roku screensavers with a variety of themes and user-customizable features. Users can enhance their Roku experience with these screensavers. There are more screensavers available on the Roku Channel Store with different themes.