Your Roku has a lot of the best channels. Also, you can install channels on Roku from outside the channel store. Those channels are known as Roku hidden channels or private channels. Since there are a lot of hidden channels on Roku, you need the best channels to stream your favorites unlimitedly.

List of Roku Hidden Channels

Channel NameDescriptionChannel Code
AOL OnStream exciting content from channels like BBC News, Cooking Channel, Food Network, and
Arirang TV and RadioGet yourself familiar with Korean culture and entertainment with exciting shows in English.ArirangTV
DISHWorldEnjoy watching more than 150 channels that are in 15 different languages.DISHWorld
El Cartel TVWatch ChibChombia with the best collection of TV channels from Columbia.chibchombiatv
EuroRokuStream over 300 channels from countries like Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Holland, Moldova, and Spain.296XJKP
Food Matters TVGet access to the best recipes for a healthy diet and lifestyle.foodmatterstv
Happy Kids TVThe app has the best collection of informative shows compiled specially for kids.HappyKids
iTunes PodcastsListen to the most engaging podcasts from the iTunes library.ITPC
MultiLiveStream European TV channels from Berlin, Cyprus, France, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands.DNLMPK
Nowhere TVWatch videos and listen to podcasts relating to technology, gaming, entertainment, news, and sports.NMJS5
Pro Guitar LessonsPremium hidden channel to help you with playing chords on your Guitar.ProGuita
RokuCastHelps you cast content from the Chrome web browser on Roku.CL9D5D
RokuMoviesWatch mind-blowing movies of various genres on your device.zb34ac
Silent MoviesStream the best collection of Silent Movies by artists, including Charlie Chaplin and Buster Heaton.RLQXKG
Space TimeStreams exciting and informative titles compiled by NASA about Astrophysics, History, Sky, Solar System, and Space Travel.CN6MRTG
StreamNowTVWatch movies by various creators of different genres.sntvdemo
The Space Opera ChannelWatch both fiction and fantasy on-demand titles and live streams of both vintage TV shows and movies.soctv
Unofficial Twitch.TVStream Twitch on Roku without any limitations.TwitchTV
Video GamesAccess playthrough of classic video games on your device.T6PH2V
Weather RadarGet the latest weather updates with utmost precision as the service is sourced from the US National Weather Serviceradar
Wilderness ChannelWatch content dedicated to nature enthusiasts, outdoor survivalists, and hunters.FL82109
5ik.TVGet access to TV channels from China, Japan, and South Korea.5ikTV

Best Roku Hidden Channels

Now, let’s discuss in detail the nature of the best Roku hidden channels and the content they stream in detail.

AOL On ( USE CODE: aol )

AOL On Roku Hidden Channels

AOL On is an entertainment channel that you can access on your Roku device. It mainly streams videos and news. It was launched in 2012 and replaced its previous model, AOL TV. The main focus of the channel is to keep its users updated about current events and breaking news. Also, it does not miss out on entertainment shows. It is also home to technology-related videos that will keep you updated about the new tech. Some of the shows you need to check out on this application include City Ballet, Flat Out, Second Chances, The Future Stars Here, and Inspiration Point.

Arirang TV and Radio ( USE CODE: ArirangTV )

Roku Hidden Channels Arirang TV

Arirang TV and Radio is combined streaming of both the Arirang TV channel as well as a radio channel. On Arirang TV, you can watch live streaming of content based in South Korea. However, the channel is completely in English, which makes you familiar with the culture and entertainment of South Korea. In the radio section, you can listen to Korean English radio shows of the same nature. With this channel, you can get the latest updates on your favorite Korean stars, entertainment news, and much more. It is a completely free channel with exciting Korean shows in the English language.


Roku Hidden Channels: DISHWorld

DISHWorld has fascinating content in multiple languages, including movies, sports, drama, comedy, kids, and more. It streams both TV channels as well as on-demand titles. The on-demand titles include more than a thousand South Asian movies. Some of these movies are free to watch, while others are Pay-Per-View titles. The different languages available on the service include Arabic, Bangla, Brazilian, Cantonese, Filipino, Gujarati, Hindi, Malayalam, Mandarin, Punjabi, Taiwanese, Tamil, Telugu, and Vietnamese. It has a premium subscription of $14.95 every month. It also has a 48-hour free trial for new users.

El Cartel TV ( USE CODE: chibchombiatv )

Roku Hidden Channels El Cartel TV

El Cartel TV was previously known as ChibChombiaTV. The channel brings you to live TV channels from Colombia and South America. You can watch Spanish programs which cover entertainment, news, and sports. Some of the fields available on El Cartel TV include Canal Capital, Canal Uno, CosmoVision, Senal Columbia, Tele Vida, TeleAmiga, Trendy Musical, and SUN Channel. In total, you can find 30 TV channels on El Cartel TV. It does not have any subscription plans and is free to install and stream.

EuroRoku ( USE CODE: 296XJKP )

Roku Hidden Channels: Euro Roku

EuroRoku is the home of more than a hundred live TV channels from Europe. It is a premium service that has HD TV channels from multiple countries. You can watch content from Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Holland, Moldova, and Spain. You can get a promo subscription package of $15 a month or the Standard subscription package of $20 per month. They also provide you with a 3-month subscription of $50.

Food Matters TV (USE CODE: foodmatterstv )

Roku Hidden Channels Food Matters

Food Matters TV, or FMTV, is a healthy TV channel for people who are concerned about their diet and health. It is an on-demand library with videos relating to a healthy lifestyle. You can find documentaries, food recipes, exercises, and expert interviews on this application. The different titles on the app make you aware of topics like diabetes, heart disease, depression, anxiety, mental health, food, and nutrition. Also, it has exercise programs, recipe programs, and expert interviews to help you formulate your lifestyle. This premium service will charge you $7.99 for a single month along with a 10-day free trial.

HappyKids TV ( USE CODE: HappyKids )

Happy Kids TV

HappyKids TV is a child-friendly TV channel with a lot of educating and entertaining shows for different age groups. All the shows are of different categories, including rhymes, music, movies, vlogs, and more. The channel has won different awards for being the best channel for kids. It has a certificate from KidSAFE + COPPA, making it an ideal choice for your kids as well. The application has Parental Control features that will help you block videos if you don’t find them appropriate for your kids. Popular titles available on this application include Paw Patrol Pup Tales, LEGO, Pacman, Cocomelon, Blippi, Angry Birds, and Transformers.

iTunes Podcasts ( USE CODE: ITPC )

iTunes Podcasts

As the name itself suggests, it is an app dedicated to podcasts from iTunes. To access content from iTunes, you don’t have to be signed in to your iTunes account on a computer or even own an iTunes account. It is a free application and lets you listen to your favorite podcasts for free. To find the podcasts, you can use the search function. If you are not sure about the titles, you can simply search for keywords to find different podcasts. You can also create a favorite list of podcasts so that you will not miss them at any time.

MultiLive ( USE CODE: DNLMPK )

Roku Hidden Channels MultiLive

MultiLive is an app that streams live International TV channels. It is a free app with an updated library of international channels. The different networks available at different times might be changed based on these updates. For the same reason, you can find a display of all the available channels on the network to stream. The five International TV networks that you can access on MultiLive include ALEX Offener Kanal Berlin, Alsace 20 Strasbourgh France, Haiti, RTL Télé Lëtzebuerg, RTV Oost Netherlands, and ???SAT Cyprus.

Nowhere TV ( USE CODE: NMJS5 )

Nowhere TV Roku Hidden Channels

Nowhere TV streams audio as well as video forecasts. The collection in its library is from popular networks that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. The app has content in different categories. You can listen to podcasts relating to technology, sports, news, lifestyle, politics, astrology, spirituality, gaming, and much more. The audio podcasts are from popular networks, including ABC, BBC, CBS, CNN, Fox News, HBO, HGTV, and more. You can listen to the game highlights and post-game analysis of sports events like NHL and MLB.

Pro Guitar Lessons ( USE CODE: ProGuita )

Pro Guitar Lessons

Pro Guitar Lessons, as the name itself suggests, is a professional guitar coaching application. It does not focus on any age category and can be accessed by anyone. Also, it is a premium application with a subscription charge of only $1.99 for a month. It has guitar lessons categorized under Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels. The classes are compiled by inspector Joey Edwin for the subscribers. In addition, you can also find that new guitar lessons are added to the app every week.

Roku Cast ( USE CODE: CL9D5D )

With the name, you can suggest that it is an app that will help you with casting content on Roku. The app is free to access on your device and will let you enjoy more content. It is an easy shortcut to cast content from your mobile phones on Roku. In addition, you can also cast HTML5 content from your Chrome web browser through the Roku Cast app. In that case, you need to add a Chrome Extension and then play content on the video player of Roku.

RokuMovies ( USE CODE: zb34ac )

Roku Hidden Channels RokuMovies

RokuMovies is a hidden channel that is dedicated to all movie lovers accessing the device. The channel hosts both classic movies along with the latest releases from various services. The movies available on the channel can be categorized under genres, including action, adventure, comedy, drama, horror, martial arts, mystery, romance, suspense, and more. Therefore, it is a complete entertainment app. Also, it is a free application with no hidden charges for users.

SilentMovies ( USE CODE: RLQXKG )

Roku SilentMovies

SilentMovies is the home of the best collection of silent movies. A silent movie or a silent film does not have a synchronized recorded sound. However, it has an interesting plot that is narrated by emotions visually. Today, we don’t have a lot of channels that stream silent films like SilentMovies. If you are looking for silent movies from Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, and Harold Lloyd, there is no better option than SilentMovies. It has content of various genres, including adventure, comedy, drama, fantasy, documentary, and animation.

Space Time ( USE CODE: CN6MRTG )

Space Time

Space Time is a worthy enough channel which has videos produced by NASA. So, anyone interested in astronomy using a Roku device would love this channel. It has a library with videos of different duration ranging from 5 minutes to 1 hour. All of these informative videos throw light on topics like astrophysics, history, solar system, sky, and space travel. The video library of this channel is frequently updated with more titles. Also, it is completely free to download as well as to access the channel on your Roku device.

StreamNowTV ( USE CODE: sntvdemo )

Stream Now

It was an on-demand video library with content produced by independent producers. The size of the titles available on the service varies, and you can find titles as short as 10 minutes or lesser. These titles cover different genres, including action, comedy, drama, kids, horror, and more. It is the best location to find short movies as well as web episodes. Moreover, it is a completely free application with no hidden charges. Also, the titles available on the service are categorized based on their genres for ease of access.

The Space Opera Channel ( USE CODE: soctv )

The Space Opera Channel

The Space Opera Channel is a mind-blowing channel with a variety of titles, fantasy, and fiction. You can find both live streaming as well as on-demand titles streaming on this application. Also, you can watch short films, vintage films, and San films on this service. Apart from that, you can watch Sci-Fi drama series like Flash Gordon, Malice, Project S.E.R.A., Space Angel, Pioneer One, MERCS, Captain Z-Ro, and One Step Beyond. Also, the app is free to access with no subscription charges.

Unofficial Twitch.TV ( USE CODE: TwitchTV )

Unofficial Twitch TV

Unofficial Twitch.TV is simply the unofficial Twitch app that you can access on Roku. Roku had the official Twitch app made available in the Channel Store, which was later removed. For the same reason, you might be looking for a worthy enough alternative to access it. The application does not take off any feature supported in the official Twitch app. It has a variety of features that will make your streaming experience better on Roku.

Video Games ( USE CODE: T6PH2V )

If you enjoy watching game playthroughs, you should definitely add the Video Games hidden channel on Roku. Here you can find game walkthroughs of popular classic games. The games include Super Mario Bros. 3, SuperMetroid, and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. However, it is not an application that will let you play these games on Roku. If that is the case, you might have to look for other applications with classic games.

Weather Radar ( USE CODE: radar )

Weather Radar

Weather Radar is a free weather channel that was previously known as Weather Graphics. It makes you aware of the local as well as national weather reports from the United States. The app has a default location which you can change whenever necessary to get the most accurate weather reports. It has different weather service graphics, including National Overview, National Hurricane Centre – Atlantic, National Hurricane Centre – Pacific, GOES Eastern US Visible Loop, GOES Western US Visible Loop, and GOES North American IR Loop.

Wilderness Channel ( USE CODE: FL82109 )

Wilderness Channel

Wilderness Channel is the one channel you need if you are interested in wilderness-related content. For instance, it has a variety of shows relating to outdoor survival training, nature, hunting, and fishing. The channel not only provides awareness about wild animals but also makes effective measures to preserve them. The app library is rich with both on-demand titles as well as live streams. This free application has no hidden charges. Popular shows on the channel include America’s Wilderness, Alone in the Wilderness, Secrets of Stealth Camping, and Becky’s Homestead Mortgage Free Living.

5ikTV ( USE CODE: 5ikTV )


5ikTV is a service that hosts TV channels from Asian countries, including China, Japan, and South Korea. It has an extensive collection of TV channels that you can search for and play on Roku. These channels are of different genres. You can access them for free over the internet. The only downside of this application is that there is no English version of the channel that users can get. So, you need to be familiar with Chinese, Japanese, or Korean to enjoy this content.

How to Find and Add Private Channels on Roku

1. Go to the official website of Roku.

2. Next, hit the Sign In button and enter your credentials to sign into your account.

3. After that, hit the Profile icon from the upper right corner.

4. Choose the My Account option.

5. Scroll down to the My Account section and click on the Add Channel with a code option.

Click on Add Channel with a code

6. Enter the private channel code on the required field and hit the Add Channel button.

Hit the Add Channel button

7. From the next pop-up window, hit the Yes, Add Channel button.

8. The next thing you have to do is update your Roku device.

Finally, the channel of your choice will be added to Roku.

Why Are Roku Private Channels Not Working

All of the best Roku hidden channels or private channels, or secret channels were removed from the service on Feb 23, 2022, as they were non-certified channels. With that, Roku beta channels were introduced that only a limited number of users can access since the channels are meant for testing purposes. The Roku private channels that you can access now have a different interface than the previous ones. If you are unsure if certain apps are working at the moment, you need to visit their official website to check if they are in service. With the official updates, you can get to know how to stream these channels as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you hide Roku channels?

Yes, you can easily hide channels on Roku.