Roku is considered one of the best devices for entertainment. On the contrary, it also has the best apps for fitness and health. With plenty of Fitness channels like NetFit, BOD, and Daily burn, you can reduce body weight and strengthen your body core. For people fond of the different workout sessions, we gathered some of the best fitness channels available on the Roku platform.

Top 12 Fitness channels for Roku

To make the best of your day, check out the best fitness channels available on Roku.

PeletonWatch the teaching sessions anytime, anywhere with Peleton$12.99/MonthSubscribe now
NetFitStart practicing your favorite workout sets with NetFit$13.95/MonthSubscribe now
BODWorkout videos for every people$9.99/MonthSubscribe now
Daily BurnFollow a routine or different workout plan for your sessions$19.95/MonthSubscribe now
Gaiam TV Subscribe to the premium to watch all fitness videos endlessly$6.99/MonthSubscribe now
FitFusionFollow some of the different types of fitness sessions like cycling, Yoga, etc$9.99/MonthSubscribe now
GrokkerBuy a premium subscription to enroll in different types of fitness programs $14.99/MonthSubscribe now
LES MILLS+Start your exercise with or without equipment by selecting the right category$14.99/MonthSubscribe now
iFitChallenge yourself with the iFit workout programs$15/month for 1 userSubscribe now
Essentrics WorkoutWorkout plans for people from ages 20 to 70s.$14.95/MonthSubscribe now
FitonCarry on with the toning, Pilates, and many types of workout plans with FitonFree and PaidSubscribe now
Pilates AnytimeObserve some of the keen beginners to pro mat workouts for Pilates.$22/MonthSubscribe now


Peleton services offer access to more than thousands of live and on-demand workout classes. With the premium subscription, you can access your chosen workout video sessions anytime, anywhere, on your preferred device. For effective workout sessions, try purchasing the combo offer of Peleton that comes with the workout equipment.

Best Fitness Channels on Roku
Monthly Plan$12.99/Month
No of videos1000 +
Free TrialYES (30 days)
Supported DevicesRoku, Apple, Android TV, Fire TV, LG TV, etc


Netfit is one of the best fitness channels available on the Roku streaming platform that helps people to maintain fitness. With a subscription to the channel, you can get a guide for pilates, cardio, and body sculpting on the channel. It is completely ad-free, and it provides trainer support.

Monthly Plan$13.95/Month
Yearly Plan$84/Month
No of Videos12 + workout category videos
Supported deviceRoku, Apple TV, iOS, Android
Free trial7 days

Beachbody on Demand (BOD)

Beachbody on Demand is the popular Fitness channel on Roku that consists of over 1500 + videos on different workout plans. The workout plans include cardio, mixed martial arts, etc. You can maintain your body shape in no time with easy and intense workout sessions.

Beachbody on Demand
Monthly Plan$9.99/Month
No of Videos1500 + videos
Supported DevicesRoku, FireTV, Apple TV, iOS, Android, Chromecast
Free trialNO

Daily Burn

Daily Burn channel offers workout plans like cardio kickboxing, Flexibility & stretching, and Pregnancy & Postnatal. Using the 30-day free trial of the service, you can get to try out some of the workout plans for free. By subscribing to the Daily burn on the website, you can schedule group and 1-to-1 workouts easily.

Daily Burn
Monthly Plan$19.95
No of videos12 + different workout category videos
Supported DevicesApple TV, Roku, FireTV, Android, iPad
Free TrialYes

Gaiam TV

Gaiam TV comes with a pack of different workout plans that every people can follow. Using the service, you can select Advanced classes with programming options. You can start the Beginner classes with the progression modules. There are more than 100 Yoga classes in the service.

Gaiam TV
Monthly Plan$6.99/Month
Yearly Plan$69.99/year
Free TrialYes (7 days)
Supported devicesApple TV, Roku, Android, Android TV, Fire TV


The next on the list is FitFusion. With a content library for every category, users can get to explore workout plans with its premium subscription. Using the Documentaries offered by the service, you can change your diet plans for a healthy life. The health experts help to stay motivated and maintain fitness of your body.

Best Fitness Channels on Roku
Monthly Plan$9.99/Month
No of videosA total of more than 500 + videos
Free TrialYes (7 days)
Supported devicesRoku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Android, iOS, Vizio, Android TV


Grokker is one of the best fitness channels on Roku, which comes up with a handy library of content like Yoga, Meditation, etc. The complete library of How to guide will help you to learn more about your pain points in your workouts. It also offers Webinars and Case Studies on Fitness and Health well-being.

Monthly Plan$14.99/Month
No of videosMore than 500
Free TrialNO


LES MILLS + offers unlimited access to 1500+ workout sessions for strength, cardio, Martial arts, etc. With experts monitoring, you can carry on with your workout with ease and enjoy burning weight easily. Try out the 3-6 week training plans and challenges to see the best results.

Best Fitness Channels on Roku
Monthly Plan$14.99/Month
No of videos1500 +
Supported DevicesApple TV, Fire TV, Android TV, Roku, Xbox, Chromecast
Free TrialYES(30 days)


With a free trial of 30 days, you can get to access the 60+ workout types of iFit using Roku and other smart devices. The service offers some best workout plans like Yoga, Cardio, meditation, etc. You can download the mobile app for workouts without equipment.

Monthly Plan$15/Month
Free TrialYES(30 Days)
Supported DevicesApple TV, Android, iOS, Roku

Essentrics Workout

Essentrics service focuses on normal workout sessions that help with joint pains, building a strong core, etc. You can start your workout session by selecting videos ranging from 10-60 minutes. Follow the instructors of Essentrics and burn your belly fat easily.

Essentrics Workout
Monthly Plan$14.95/Month
Free TrialYES (14 days)
Supported DevicesAndroid, Roku, iOS, etc


On the list of best Fitness channels on Roku, Fiton comes as a free service for users. Using the free sign-up, you can watch workout videos of celebrity trainers on the service. But for new courses, you need to pay a subscription amount based on your choice. You can follow some of the personalized programs and guided meditation videos on the service.

Best Fitness Channels on Roku
Supported DeviceRoku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Chromecast
Live workout sessionsYES

Pilates Anytime

Pilates Anytime channel focuses primarily on Pilates workout plans for users. The service adds new classes to the library constantly to make things interesting. Watch the full contents of the video by subscribing to the premium subscription of the service.

Pilates Anytime
Monthly Plan$22/Month
Yearly Plan$240/year
No of VideosMore than 3700 videos
Supported DeviceRoku, Apple TV, Android, iOS
Free TrialYES (15 days)

These are some of the top 12 best fitness channels on your Roku platform. You can also access other fitness channels, such as the Apple Fitness app, that are not on the list. You can maintain a healthy core and achieve flexibility in your body with the above channel.


What are the free fitness channels on Roku?

Channels like Fiton, Yoga by Fawesome, and Fit you by Fawesome, are some of the free fitness channels available on Roku service.