Those Roku device users can download channels to stream content in languages such as French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and more. In addition, if you are an Arabic user, there are a handful of options to download and watch Arabic channels on Roku. The Channel Store covers free as well as premium Arabic Channels that you can rely on to never miss out on popular shows, events, movies, and more from the Middle Eastern region.

Best Arabic Channels on Roku

There are numerous Arabic channels available on the Roku Channel Store, and we have listed the top 10 Arabic channels based on the rating provided in the Roku Channel Store.

Arabic ChannelsDescriptionChannel Store Link
Giniko Arabic TVStream over more than 50+ Arabic channelsChannel link
The Arabic Channel – TACStream the Arabic channels 24/7Channel link
ArabicanaIt allows you to stream your favorite sports and filmsChannel link
Arabian live channelAllows you to stream all popular content like sports, music, movies, and entertainmentChannel link
Rotana Plus Arabic TVStream all classic movies from the Rotana Plus Arabic TVChannel link
Innovative ArabicLearn the Arabic language faster and with the easiest methodChannel link
OnlineArabia – Free Arabic TVOnlineArabia allows you to get all updates from the Middle East countriesChannel link
SAT-7 ARABIC, KIDSGet all valuable lessons from ChristianityChannel link
ArabTV ChileArabTV Chile allows you to stream the ArabTV signal 24/7Channel link
Learn Arabic TodayLearn all basics of the Arabic languagesChannel link

Giniko Arabic TV

Giniko Arabic TV is one of the best Arabic Channels on Roku

Giniko Arabic TV is one popular Arabic TV that allows you to stream content from over 50+ live Arabic TV channels. You can access all the live TV content by subscribing to the service. It is one of the best Arabic Channels on Roku to offer you cloud DVR storage, which helps you to record your favorite shows.

Channel Store Rating3

The Arabic Channel – TAC

The Arabic Channel - TAC is one of the best Arabic Channel on Roku

The Arabic Channel – TAC channels broadcast a variety of programs from 22 Middle East countries for 24*7. It also offers various programs like children’s shows, sports, films, music, drama, entertainment, news, and more. You can also get suitable subtitles for most of the videos for a clear understanding.

Channel Store Rating2.9
SubscriptionFree and paid

Note: Like Arabic channels, you can get to know the best Korean Channels on Roku to watch your favorite Korean series and movies.


Arabicana is one of the best Arabic Channel on Roku

Arabicana is an Arabic channel that allows you to stream content like sports, movies, news, and more from countries like Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, the Middle East, and more. You can also stream the content for free by watching the ads. To get an ad-free experience, you can upgrade your account to premium.

Channel Store Rating2.6
SubscriptionFree and Paid

Arabian Live Channel

Arabian live channel is one of the best Arabic Channel on Roku

You can download the Arabian live channel on the Roku Channe Store to stream content like sports, movies, music, entertainment, and much more. The Arabian live channel does not require the login process, and you can stream your favorites directly by selecting the content. It contains a large media library that includes 1,000+ movies and TV series.

Channel Store Rating2.3

Rotana Plus Arabic TV

Rotana Plus Arabic TV

Rotana Plus Arabic TV is an international channel that offers you a large variety of Arabic content, like Arabic movies, blockbuster TV series and shows, children’s entertainment, and a wide variety of Arabic music. You can also stream the live channels in the Arabic language.

Channel Store Rating2.1

Innovative Arabic

Innovative Arabic

Innovative Arabic is one education channel that offers you content for learning the Arabic languages. It teaches you the Arabic language from the basics, like Arabic phrases, vocabulary, conversations, culture tips, and much more. You can listen to the Arabic conversation, and it also will be displayed on the screen. The native speaker will explain the content in detail in their own language.

Channel Store Rating2

OnlineArabia – Free Arabic TV

OnlineArabia - Free Arabic TV

OnlineArabia-Free Arabic TV offers content directly from Middle East countries. Thus you will get all instant updates from Middle East countries. The media library of OnlineArabia – Free Arabic TV includes Arabic news, sports, drama, blockbuster movies, and more. The content telecasted on this channel is exclusively free for Free-to-Air users.

Channel Store Rating1.9



If you are a religion lover and looking to teach religious content to your children, you can add the SAT-7 ARABIC, KIDS channel on your Roku device to stream and educate your children with religious knowledge. It offers you Christian satellite television from the Middle East and Africa.

Channel Store Rating1

ArabTV Chile

ArabTV Chile

ArabTV Chile is popularly known for the transmission of cultural content. By downloading the ArabTV Chile app on your Roku, you can stream the Arab TV signal for 24/7. The popular cultural content includes in ArabTV Chile are music, interviews, Arab culture, religion, and more.

Channel Store Rating1

Learn Arabic Today

Learn Arabic Today is one of the best Arabic Channel on Roku

Learn Arabic Today is one of the best channels for freshers to learn the Arabic language. It teaches you the content from the basics. By creating an account on Learn Arabic Today, you can get tons of PDF files regarding the Arabic languages. It also teaches you Arabic content like Arabic Phrases, Vocabulary, and more.

Channel Store Rating2.6

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hulu have Arabic channels?

Yes, you can stream Arabic content like Ramy with Hulu on Roku.