Key Takeaway

  • Add AMC Channel: Choose Streaming ChannelsSearch Channels Search AMCAdd Channel
  • Activate AMC Channel: Go to AMC Activation Website → Enter Activation Code → Sign in with Cable TV Provider → Launch and Stream AMC

AMC is a streaming service from AMC Networks. With the AMC app, you can stream high-rated series like Fear the Walking Dead, Preacher, Better Call Saul, Dietland, Humans, Into the Badlands, MCmafia, The Terror, and more from the AMC channel. Since the AMC app is available on the Roku Channel Store, you get the channel and stream all your favorite shows seamlessly.

Is AMC on Roku

Yes, AMC is available on Roku, and you can get access to it through the TV providers like COX, DIRECTV, DISH, Optimum, Xfinity, Verizon FiOS, and more.

How to Add AMC to Roku

1. First, power on your Roku device and connect it to the wifi network.

2. Select the Streaming Channels option on the Roku home screen.

 Select the Streaming Channels option

3. On the next screen, choose the Search Channels option.

4. Type and search AMC in the search bar using the on-screen keyboard.

Type AMC in the search bar

5. Pick AMC from the search results and hit the Add Channel option.

6. After the installation process is over, tap Ok in the prompt message that appears on the screen.

7. Hit the Go to Channel option to launch the AMC channel on Roku.

Alternative Method to Add AMC on Roku

1. Open a web browser on your smartphone or PC.

2. Visit the official website of the Roku Channel Store.

3. Click the Sign in icon at the top right corner.

4. Login with your Roku account login credentials.

Login with your Roku account

5. Tap the search bar to search for the AMC app.

6. Select the AMC app from the search results.

7. Hit the Add Channel button from the channel info page.

After the process, update Roku and add the AMC channel to your channel’s grid.

How to Activate AMC on Roku

1. Launch the AMC Channel and click the Sign in button.

2. Write down the activation code that appears on the screen.

3. Open a web browser and navigate to the AMC activate website

4. Enter the Activation Code that appears on the screen and hit the Submit button.

activate AMC

5. Now, Sign In with your cable TV provider.

6. Once you verify your cable TV provider account credentials, the AMC app will be activated.

7. Go back to the AMC app and stream your favorites.

How to Get AMC on Roku Without Cable

Below are the popular streaming services that offer AMC with their subscription.

1. Sling TV

Sling TV

Sling TV is one of the best ways to stream AMC without cable on Roku. It lets live you live stream 150+ free live TV channels, on-demand videos, news, entertainment, and sports. The popular channels of sling TV are ESPN, TNT, TBS, and more. It offers three subscription plans Sling Blue, Sling Orange, and Sling Blue+Orange. Get a subscription and stream all your favorite content on the go.

2. DirecTV Stream

DirecTV Stream

DirecTV Stream offers more live sports than other streaming services. With that, you can access some of the popular channels like Comedy Central, Discovery, ESPN, AMC, FOX, TLC, FX, and more. The monthly subscription costs $69.99n with 105+ live TV channels. Unlike other streaming services, it offers unlimited DVR to record your favorite shows and events.

3. fuboTV


fuboTV is another best streaming channel used to watch AMC without cable on Roku. It offers 100+ channels and live and on-demand videos. You can get a subscription that costs $69.99 per month to explore all the live sports events. Further, it offers 1000 hours of DVR storage to record all your favorite shows and events.

4. YouTube TV

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is the best premium live TV streaming service that offers 85+ top channels in all categories, including entertainment, news, live sports, and more. As it offers unlimited DVR storage, you can record all your favorite shows without limitation and stream them whenever you are free.

How to Fix the AMC App on Roku Not Working Issue

If the AMC app is not working, you can follow the below troubleshooting methods to fix it. Try out the fixes one by one.

1. First, you need to check your internet speed, and if you find any issues with the internet speed, you need to restart your modem or router.

2. Make sure you are using the current version of the AMC app; if not, update it.

3. Uninstall the AMC app and reinstall it on your device.

4. If you didn’t clear cache for a long on your Roku device, it might lead to these types of issues. So clear the cache on Roku and resolve the issues with the AMC app.

5. If none of the troubleshooting methods have helped you, try restarting Roku to fix the issues with the AMC app.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Roku have AMC Plus?

Yes, Roku has AMC Plus.

2. How much is AMC Plus on Roku?

The subscription plan of AMC Plus will cost you $8.99 per month.